31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – It (2017)

I cannot tell you how hyped I was to see this movie, I’m a huge fan of the book and the original 90’s mini-series. I figured that given the talented cast and magic of modern cinema that this remake would be mind-blowing. Legit me:

Well, it sucked. We all know the story line, there is an evil being that is tormenting the town of Derry and killing kids but a group of unlikely friends get wise to Pennywise and decide to fight back, 27 years – blah, blah, blah. Please see my comprehensive review of the much better version here. Yes, that is correct, the 1990’s, made for TV, stop-start animated version was much better and creepier in my opinion. This version just felt too stale and predictable which I guess could be expected since I have read the book and watched the original version numerous times and knew what to expect but that totally sucked all of the fun out of it! The CGI was completely distracting and detracted from anything horrifying that was supposed to be happening, give me Tim Curry in a wig any day of the week.

While I am totally disappointed, I am still curious to see what the second installment will look like. I am assuming that the plot will follow more closely with the book and we’ll get to see the adult perspective reflecting back on the childhood experience of encountering Pennywise. Honestly though, it was terrible, literally the worst and I don’t recommend unless you’re super curious or have low-tolerance for horror movies and don’t want to be scared at all. Also! I hate it when movie covers become book jackets, it’s such sacrilege. Bleh.

John Quincy Adams grew vexed by talk of puzzles.


  • Hunida

    I had never read or watched the original IT so the remake was actually pretty good to me! It was definitely not as scary as I hoped it was going to be but, it still freaked me out haha. I also hate when movie covers become back jackets though! Ick!

    • quitesimplystella

      It just wasn’t scary enough, I wanted face-melting horror 😂 The original is pretty outdated now but it’s a good watch. The next installment is supposed to be similar to the original, I’m hoping it’s good! Right?! Drives me nuts.

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