31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Tonight’s film is your classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl is dating a complete asshole dentist and boy turns out to be the knight in shining armor that she needs. But the knight is a florist played by Rick Moranis and there’s the whole blood-sucking plant complication. This is my second favourite horror/comedy/rock musical behind Rocky Horror Picture Show but in fairness, I only know the two 😛 Seymour and Audrey work at a struggling flower shop in Skid Row that is on the verge of closing. In a last effort to save the shop and attract more customers, they put an exotic plant that Seymour purchased during a solar eclipse in the window. The plant starts dying though, Seymour accidentally discovers its blood lust after accidentally pricking his finger and nourishing the plant (Audrey II) with his blood.

Seymour and his freaky plant become stars of sorts and he finally decides to ask Audrey out but she has to motor because she has a date with her crazy boyfriend. Seymour knows that Orin is abusive to Audrey and with some encouragement from Audrey II, he kills Orin and feeds him to the plant. He then makes his move on Audrey but the cops are starting to get suspicious about the disappearance of the dentist. Seymour asks Audrey to marry him and escape Skid Row, he plans to leave Audrey II to starve rather than keep killing people to feed her. Audrey II finds out about this, lures Audrey to the shop and tries to eat her but Seymour saves her just in time and electrocutes the flesh-eating plant. The whole romp is narrated by a doo-wop singing trio, talk about a good time.

It’s completely cheesy but I do love this movie, it was originally an off-Broadway musical and the sets in the movie make it feel like a stage performance. It’s a ton of fun even if you are left feeling a little anemic.

Will Major Douglas be expected to take this true-false quiz very soon?

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