31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – Carrie (1976)

I am totally recycling this post, I wasn’t going to watch this one as part of my 31 flicks but I just enjoy it so much! One of my absolute favourite Stephen King books, the ultimate underdog-revenge story, Carrie. Carrie is a quiet girl who is often the target of some pretty vicious teasing from her classmates. Her home life isn’t much better as her mother is a religious fanatic who is completely incapable of allowing Carrie to be a normal teen. We find out pretty early on that Carrie possesses some telekinetic powers as she seemingly makes things happen with just a look.


Sue, a classmate of Carrie’s, takes pity on her and convinces her hunky boyfriend, Tommy to ask Carrie to the prom. Carrie assumes that they are just planning something malicious and is hesitant to accept the offer but ultimately heads to the prom with Tommy. This totally peeves her mom off but Carrie, who has now gained control of her powers, isn’t taking anyone’s shit anymore. Everything seems to be going great at the prom, Carrie finally feels accepted by her peers until she is doused in a bucket of pig’s blood after being crowned Prom Queen. Carrie uses her powers to burn the gymnasium to the ground along with everyone sealed up inside. The only survivors are Sue and two of the kids who rigged the bucket of blood to dump on Carrie but she takes care of them in a grisly car crash, leaving only Sue.


Carrie, soaked in swine goo does the only thing that she can, heads home to the loving, maniacal embrace of her crazy mother. Who then stabs her, obviously, because that is what you do when you believe that your child is the spawn of Satan. Carrie defends herself though, ultimately killing her mother then losing control of her powers and killing herself. Sue remains the only one who survived prom night.


Lessons learned; don’t pick on people but also don’t try to be nice to people because look what happened to Sue and Tommy! Just be a loner and try and hone your telekinetic mind powers.

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