Blogtober – Day V: Treat Bags

So, I have a rant before I get into today’s post, not really a rant but just a grievance. Charitable giving at work stresses me out, not because I don’t enjoy doing it or feel that I can’t do it but more so that others might not be able to but don’t feel comfortable saying, I can’t participate because I can’t afford to. I think that there can sometimes be an assumption that because someone is working, they should be able to afford giving something but that might not be the case. Ugh. Does anyone else feel this way? It is wearing on me now that the holidays are coming and I know that there are a couple of events that my workplace participates in.

A few years ago I stopped handing out candy and started handing out little bags of toys/trinkets/slime instead. Now, last year I still included a bag of gummies or suckers but it can be tricky to hand out candy these days it seems. As specialized diets become the norm and food allergies seem to be more common, I want to be sure that I am giving out something that most everyone can enjoy. You can find bulk non-food goodies at Office Depot, Target, crafts stores or my favourite – Oriental Trading. I am placing my order today, here’s a peek at what’s in my cart!

Halloween Plush Ghosts

Halloween Black Stuffed Cats

Star Wands – these are currently a maybe, I don’t know how many little boys would be into these but they are pretty stinking cute and everyone can have a magic wand – right?!

Vomit Slime Zombies – these are so disgusting, they are perfect.

Monster Character Bubbles – I loved getting bubbles as a kid, these little monsters are adorable.

Halloween Coloring Books – these might seem totally lame but it’s better that handing out toothpaste 😛

Halloween Bouncy Balls

They have so many cute bags, I am not sure which ones I am going with.

Most of this is geared towards the little kids, I do side-eye the older kids that come to my door, I love Halloween but I think there’s an age limit on the trick or treating. In more rural areas, I totally get that there’s not a lot of activities that keep kids out of trouble on Halloween but there are loads of events for the older kids where I live. Anyway, do you get trick or treaters? What do you think of the non-food goodies? When I get everything bundled up, I will be sure to share the final product!

Baroque? Hell, just mix a dozen wacky pi fonts & you’ve got it.


  • Beutiflee

    I agree about the charitable statement. If you can’t do it, say no. And I’d like to add, just because someone doesn’t have spouse or children, does not mean they can donate for charities as well. You don’t know my financial situation, so don’t assume anything! Thank You Stella for keeping it real! ☺️

  • starringpamela

    Luckily my work doesn’t have many of those charitable giving things but when they do I normally manage to escape and avoid the people organizing it. If they do find me I say something along the lines of having to make my next college payment which is technically true since I’m still paying off my loans even if they’re deferred while I’m in school. But I love the treat bag items you’ve picked! They’re soooo cute!

    • quitesimplystella

      I honestly wish we didn’t, my boss is super aggressive about our department participating and totally out of touch. It’s usually up to me and another gal to coordinate the money collection, we dread it every year! Thank you, I’m excited to get everything bagged up 😊

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