Blogtober – Day VI: Veggie Soup

It’s finally soup weather, well, all weather is suitable for soup in my opinion because I could eat soup all of the time but it’s especially suitable weather for leaving the crock pot on all day. This probably can’t constitute as an actual recipe since typically I am just eye-balling everything and throwing in whatever I have on hand, but this one never comes out bad 😀 Enjoy!

I threw a can of diced tomatoes in the pot this time around, but that’s optional – like I said, pretty much anything can go in the pot 🙂 I like a lot of liquid in my soups, if you want a thicker broth then obviously just cut the water down but keep an eye on  how much the dry beans are soaking up. If I wasn’t off dairy then I would smother it in parmesan cheese but it’s fine with out it (I guess).

What are you cooking up this time of year?

A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


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