Blogtober – Day VII: Fall Bags

PSA – I am not a fashion blogger, I take terrible photos of clothing and accessories and everything manages to look like blobs. Did I stuff a throw pillow into these bags to make them stand up? Yea, I absolutely did and it actually kinda’ worked but these super cute bags still have quite a blobby quality about them. I managed to sort through all of my warm weather clothes, store them away and get all of my cold weather stuff out. I dug out all of my fall bags, now do I have far too many bags to be a true minamilist? Yea, totally but I figure that I have enough bags to last me a number of years and some of these have already so I have no intention of purchasing any new ones any time soon. Unless, you know, I see something that I need 😛 These are vegan leather bags, I have owned many of them for 5+ plus years and they’ve held up very well. They are large enough to carry anything I need including, laptop, a change of shoes, books, makeup bag – they’re awesome. Many of them were purchased at Modcloth but you can find the Street Level brand at other retailers too on occasion. They come in loads of textures, colors and sizes – they are great quality bags and I feel, reasonably priced.

These three weekender bags probably see the most usage since they have three compartments and can hold a ton of stuff. The brown one is my least favourite, there isn’t any contrast between the main bag material and the straps plus it isn’t as soft as the black and burgundy ones.

Next, I have numerous totes that are also very roomy with just one large compartment. My most-used three are the mustard, hunter green and black bags. I find that the feel of the leather can be different between bags, these are all equally soft and vibrant.

These last two I don’t carry as often, the colours make them tricky to match to outfits but they are still very lovely. Of all the reversible bags, I think that these work the best with either colour way. The others can look a little odd when turned inside out, I especially love the pinky-beige inside of the purple bag.

That’s my bag collection, would it be terrible to say that I found some cute ones online while researching retailers for Street Level 😛 I love a good bag, what accessories are you looking forward to wearing this season?

West quickly gave Bert handsome prizes for six juicy plums.


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