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Blogtober – Day VIII: Holiday Anti-Haul

So I’m sitting here, enjoying my coffee, trying to talk myself into purchasing a jar of La Mer cream. I received a deluxe sample with a purchase from Nordstrom randomly and I really enjoyed it. I had tried the Soft Creme at some point and didn’t like it all which makes me wonder if the original is where it’s at. I’ve been doing a ton of research to see if this magical cream is really worth the price tag and I came upon this article. And I’m like, what a bunch of pretentious bullshit. Is this why it costs so much – they had to hire a psychic to reformulate it?! Knock 50 bucks off and I can play my own music for its highness 24 hours a day. Are you kidding me with this!? Read the article, talk about insanity and I can’t support it. I am literally so annoyed and ready to talk some trash about some beauty products 😛

Let’s start with a palette that I just had on my wish list but I can’t commit to, the Natasha Denona Gold Palette. Here’s the deal, I recently purchased the Star Palette and I don’t love it, it’s a chore to use. For the cost of these palettes, every shade should be on point regardless of how much product you get in the pan. I would take less product if the formula was really amazing but it isn’t and I don’t want to hear any of that BS about these palettes being for pros. If that’s the case, they shouldn’t be sold in Sephora and available to just anyone. It looks beautiful but I cannot take a chance on it being a dud, I would take a chance on some of her smaller 5-pan palettes since those tend to receive consistently good reviews.

Every year, I patiently wait for the luxury beauty brands to release their holiday collections and the last couple of years, I have been disappointed. What is this palette, Guerlain?! There are one or two unique shades in the All Eyes on You Palette  but it’s totally boring! I don’t even care that it’s mostly shimmers, I can get an entire look with shimmers but they are just so boring. Also, what’s with the plastic sponge-tip applicators?! Honestly.

Get the fuck out of here with these, Louboutin – liquid eyeshadows in range of boring browns for 50 bucks each?! Everything that this brand releases irritates me, it’s just disgustingly nouveau riche.

Question, why is it so hard to stop purchasing highlighter?! I don’t even really wear it, I think it’s the shiny factor that just sucks me in. I’m off highlighter, but look at all of these stunning options.

Sets, all of the sets – not that you can’t get really good value out of them but I try to commit to more to full-size products instead of minis because I know if I like something enough to purchase a full-size then I will use it up but minis can lay around for far too long. Now, I will gift these mini sets because they are great opportunities to try several products from a brand but I won’t be purchasing them for myself.

I think that’s a good start to make it through the holiday season when literally every brand seems to be releasing another palette, another highlighter, another thing that I simply don’t need. Although, I have my eye on the ABH Sultry palette, I think it is beautiful but I have to remind myself how much that formula doesn’t work for me.

What are you skipping on this holiday season? Do you like giving makeup as a gift or do you find it too personal?

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