Blogtober – Day X: Halloween Office Decor

Can I rant? OK, good. It’s this weather, I swear, it’s just fucked my mood. I was watching YouTube, like ya’ do and I don’t know why I read the comments but I do and there was this comment that said wasn’t this YouTuber lucky that their complaint of the day was the oversized PR packaging when there are starving kids in Africa who don’t have clean drinking water. Are there starving kids in Africa? Yes, there are but what is this person sitting in front of their computer being a keyboard jockey doing about it? Nothing! Also, you don’t actually have to leave the US to find kids who don’t have access to clean drinking water or enough food to eat. Also, also, the waste that we create is a big deal and some of these PR packages are just unnecessary so while it is a first world complaint, it’s still a legit issue to have. I hate this self-righteous bullshit, people can present this persona online of being the best humanitarian, the best vegan, the cleanest consumer and yet they find the time to hate watch people and leave shitty, unhelpful comments. Get off the internet, go to Africa, honestly. Then, these same people complain when YouTubers disable their comments, maybe it’s because they are tired of your bullshit, Brenda. I need to get off the internet.

Rant off, a few posts ago I mentioned that the office was officially decorated for Halloween. I am pretty lucky in that I have a fairly chill boss and fun co-workers who don’t mind when I decorate, aside from one who snarkily commented on the fact that I was phasing things in before October 1 (total fox though so he gets a pass. Rant back on, how come attractive guys can be such jerks?! Like, it does nothing for their personality but maybe it’s because they get a pass and someone should say something!). Anyway, little do they know that this being only my second year here that I am keeping things pretty minimal and it might get crazy in the coming years.

This is the front window, I didn’t cut the rats out because I’m not insane – you can purchase them like this. I brought the banner in from home (most everything is from home) because I purchased a new one for home this year.

The bat wall leading into the office, again, these were purchased already cut.

The front of my co-worker’s cube, our candy jar that we are patiently waiting to fell with some high calorie goodies πŸ˜›

The side of her cube, very minimalist.

The front of my cube, stretching this web was very tedious and I ran out of t-pins so I had to pull it down to the floor but it looks pretty good.

The side of my cube, orange is not my favourite colour, I read an article that it’s supposed to be energizing and so my office supplies are orange.

A close-up of my Halloween tree, the spiders light up but you can’t really see it here.

That’s it, do you decorate at work for the holidays? I think we are going to have to revamp our Christmas decor because it’s legit all from the 70’s but Halloween didn’t come out too shabby!

How razorback-jumping frogs level six piqued gymnasts!


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