Blogtober – Day XII: Friday Favorites Spooky Edition

My article collection is getting out of hand since I haven’t been posting for Friday Favorites so I rounded some up from the last couple of weeks that are on the spooky side. Enjoy!

Horror movies almost always get the pass when it comes to awards, this list is so good and I agree with most all of the picks! Also, it gave me so many ideas for the second half of my 31 Nights of Horror.

This is scary to me, I don’t think that light pollution is seen as a true problem but it does impact living beings, all living beings.

Postal workers, just out here solving the world’s problems.

I graduated from college in 2009, I do feel like I came of age during one of the biggest financial crisis of my lifetime and I relate so much to these stories. It was an unsettling time, layoffs, furloughs – I know people who lost all of their retirements funds and I hope that we learned our lesson but it seems like history is doomed to repeat itself.

Engineered food, could there be a more unappetizing pairing of words? I think it’s sad that there are so many foods that are full of nutrition and instead of just eating them, humans will engineer their own. Skip the ice cream, have an apple – it’s just not that hard.

Climate change is terrifying, it makes it hard to be a human and know that I am contributing to the destruction of the planet. Ten years is not that long and I don’t think that the situation will improve, not enough people care. I don’t even think that most people think about climate change from day to day unless they see something like this. One thing though, how many of the IPCC members traveled to Switzerland for the conference? Seems a little hypocritical don’t ya think? They could have just teleconferenced, I mean, we should be making drastic changes.

I have never eaten a Krispy Kreme but these doughnuts look amazing.
This is one of those super annoying articles where you have to click through a million times but I am terrified of cruise ships, I want to take that 12 week, 50 country cruise when I retire but I don’t know if I will be able to. I mean, if something goes wrong on a cruise ship it could take a minute for help to get there – just creeps me out!

It’s like my mother always said, if you want to see something horrific, just turn on the news.

The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

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