Blogtober Day: XIX – Witchspiration

You guys, I had my Halloween costume for an event that I am working this weekend completely ready to go and then I watched this DIY for these gold, glamorous ram horns and have completely changed my mind. Now, I am going to be up all night molding craft wire and painting papier mache, I love self-sabotage. The official costume is a tribal/voodoo witch doctor but I’ll tell the little kids I’m a Capricorn and bathe in glitter – that’s not scary, right? I have to retro-fit my costume for cold weather because it’s Minnesota and we are expected get snow tomorrow so my clothing will not be nearly as elaborate as any of these, I will focus more on makeup and the horns.

I am skipping the head on a stick thing because that is actually terrifying and unfortunately, I do not have flowing black hair so I feel like something is going to get lost in translation. While I love the idea of the blackened fingertips, that would probably be a mess of trouble and everything would be covered in black paint. What do you think, is it too scary? Do kids even know what a Capricorn is? I don’t want to be that person who showed up dressed as Beelzebub and traumatized a bunch of kids 😛

Jim just quit and packed extra heavy bags for Liz Owen.

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