Blogtober Day: XX – DIY Horns

Toxic paint fumes and poking myself in the eye with craft wire aside, I am actually pretty jazzed with how my Beelzebub horns came out! I started out with the intent of creating a papier mache base around a craft wire horn shape but then realized that was probably going to be way too heavy for 8-hours of wear. Instead, I borrowed from another technique that I saw online where the gal used old bags and just twisted them around the wire. I already had a ton of shredded newspaper and instead of using layers of plastic bags, filled 3 bags on each horn with the paper strips and then folded them into a cylinder tube. Then I banded the tubes in various spots and twisted them around the medium-gauge craft wire horns that I had affixed to a black headband with hot glue.

As I twisted the bags around the wire, I banded them so they would keep their rivulets and bulges to mimic the shape of a ram’s horns. Then, I used the smallest gauge floral wire and twisted this around the bag/newspaper cylinders. I did this 3 times from end to end on each side, I didn’t want them to get too heavy and I wanted the rivulets from the bags to remain intact. Then I covered them in black spray paint and once that was dry, gold glitter paint.

The entire process took about 2 hours, the hardest part was getting the wire to wrap snug enough around the bags so that it would not  just slide off but not crush the bags too much. We’ll see how they hold up, I believe in the power of hot glue and honestly they weigh less than a pound so I am not too worried. I have never  worked with wire, I think that’s what really slowed me down but overall, they were pretty easy to make!

Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz.


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