Blogtober Day: XXI – Halloween Makeup

Last night was our big Halloween festival, this is the first year that I got to work it and it was a blast. I was just going to chuck on a witch hat and call it a costume  but then I was like, who am I?! I also had a party to go to afterward that I did want to be dressed up for so I decided to wear the same look to both. Remember how I was all worried about scaring kids? Yea, there were kids there dressed up in some terrifying shit. Halloween has changed a bit since I was youngin. Next year, I am going full-on body horror and gluing a baby arm to my neck or something as equally gross.

I think the best part of having a huge makeup collection is that it comes in real handy for Halloween. Now, I just need a job where I can wear this much makeup everyday. I was going for a Princess of Darkness theme and I was pretty pleased. I thought I would have to touch up before heading out to the party but my makeup was still intact. I did smudge out the edges of my lips after work to make it look like blood but that was the only change I made. Here’s a peek at everything I used:

I’m happy to report that the horns stayed intact all night too and Satan wasn’t just standing around either. I was hauling pumpkins, driving truck, jumping out of flatbeds, cleaning up puke, vacuuming – it was a good night 😛 I think I am going to try to make a pair that curl up and do Maleficent next year, she was my favourite Disney villain of all time. I’m sad that Halloween is almost at an end, the winter holidays just don’t do it for me. Are you dressing up this year?

Barkeep! A flaming tequila swizzle and a vodka and Ajax, hold the cherry.


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