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Blogtober Day: XXIII – OOTD

Is it really an OOTD if I am actually only showcasing the top half of my outfit? In my defense, I’m only wearing black tights and boots – not very interesting and all that really matters is the bat print. I hauled this bat print dress with a few other pieces from Modcloth. It fits really well, it is on the thinner side for material but is also lined so I can at least wear it for the remainder of the fall.

The dress isn’t actually black, it’s a really deep navy so my one navy cardigan that I never wear gets to see the light of day. What’s that glitter all over my face, you ask? I tried using the Star Palette again, I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Anyway, I hope you like this batty outfit!

John Quincy Adams grew vexed by talk of puzzles.


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