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A Little Life Update

Is my life very interesting? Absolutely not but it’s good for a chuckle every once in awhile and I wanted to post today even if it is a bit random πŸ™‚ First off, the Car Shopping Chronicles continue and I have looked at way too many cars in the last few weeks with nothing really feeling like the perfect new vehicle. I had taken a break from car shopping but about a month ago, I was at the grocery store and the power locks on my car don’t work anymore so I leave it open and empty of anything of value. I came out of the grocery store and someone had left a full-on ham in my front seat! I can only assume that they thought I was destitute because of the condition of my car and was like, well that’s it, I have to get a new car. Also, do you know how hard it is to unload a free ham onto total strangers?! The store that I was at wouldn’t take it back because obviously I didn’t have a receipt and couldn’t prove that the ham came from that store – it took me like half an hour to convince a mom and her kids to take this ham from me. I can never go back to that store, I’ll be the crazy ham lady for the rest of eternity. Honestly, I’m not poor, I just drive a shitty car. Back to car shopping, the reason I cannot find the perfect car is because I want another Protege but Mazda stopped making them in like 2004 so the used ones on the market either have super high mileage or are rusted out. Enter a honey of a Protege with under 100,000 miles and in almost mint condition, leather interior, excellent price. So, I go to look at it and it’s this dad type guy and we were talking about what great condition the car the was in and I was like, I am feeling that leather interior. And he was like, Are you feeling the interior or me. Ha-ha. And I was like, Uhhhhh – I have to be somewhere. I just wanted your used car you weirdo, it was perfect and I just couldn’t even seal the deal because who says that?! Anyway, my goal for purchasing a new car is December 1 and I’ll keep you updated πŸ˜›

I totally took a part-time gig at Ulta for the holidays and I am jazzed! I wanted something to do to fill some of my time on the weekends outside of volunteering and I think this will be perfect. Plus, holy employee discount! I’m not saying that I plan to spend all of my earnings at the store but also, I’m not saying it won’t happen. It’s funny, I got really stressed out about what makeup I was going to wear on my first day of orientation. I don’t know why, I wear makeup everyday and I assume that people are looking at it but I felt like people would really be looking at it that day. I went for a boring, brown look:

I have to say, being able to wear black on black on black as an outfit is amazing because that’s what I would like to wear everyday anyway and it makes me feel like Johnny Cash. Anyway, it’s been fun so far!

I’ve spent like 10 hours at the dentist in the last week, reason being is that I get a set amount from my insurance that I can use in one year but it doesn’t roll over to the next year. I figure that I since I paid for it, I’m not going to lose it and had some fillings replaced and routine maintenance but my dentist recommended a lingual franectomy. Apparently, the little piece of connective tissue under my tongue is too short and is considered a deformity. I never knew that this was a thing, I’ve lived with it for 31 years and it feels normal to me. I’m on the fence, like will my tongue just be flopping around since I am so used to how it is now?Apparently, the procedure would help with my ridiculous gag reflex which would be nice. I actually gag myself just brushing my back teeth yea, it’s nuts but cutting my tongue also sounds nuts…

I did a huge beauty clear out this weekend, my beauty room was the last area that I needed to downsize and it felt great but also incredibly wasteful. Most of the stuff (if it isn’t expired) I give to friends but some of it does get thrown away. I wish that brands used more glass or biodegradable packaging, I hate all of the plastic waste. I also hate that I registered to vote online when I first moved to Minnesota and yet, my mailbox has been filled with paper campaign bullshit! Drive me nuts, stop wasting paper. Also, don’t forget to vote. Here’s a little after of the beauty room which is really just my second bathroom that nobody uses, this is the stuff that I kept and committing to use for skincare.

I hit a new low being a cat mom, my baby cat is very finicky when it comes to eating so I’ll do most anything to get her to eat including warming up her wet food for her two times daily. Do you know what warm cat food smells like? Death, it smells like straight death. Happy to report that she has gained some weight though, she isn’t actually a baby, she was a rescue cat and she’s kind of dwarfed and tends to have health issues. Now, my older cat has noticed that I am doing something special to the baby’s food and wants her food warmed too, honestly.

That’s about it, I am trying to get my Halloween decor packed away (still) and figure out what I want to put up between now and Thanksgiving. Although, I am not huge into Thanksgiving or Christmas but I do like decorating for Christmas – it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The history of Thanksgiving isn’t much different than that of Columbus Day and yet it seems to get a pass which doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m not saying don’t celebrate it, I’m saying don’t be a hypocrite.

I hope you are having a beautiful day, let me know what you’ve been up to!

My help squeezed back in again and joined the weavers after six.


  • hoiyinli

    “Honestly, I’m not poor, I just drive a shitty car.” – That bit really made me laugh. The ham story was hilarious and would be fitting in a light-hearted comedy fiction except it’s really not fiction, that was a true slice of your life haha! How random though. I can’t believe you actually made the store take it back and then just gave it to someone else.

    You have the most amazing skin! So smooth and virtually no wrinkles or any signs of imperfections at all! 😱

    • quitesimplystella

      Haha! I mean, I can’t think of any other reason that someone would leave a ham in my car πŸ˜‚ Right?! It was pretty surreal. Awww, thank you 😘 It’s not always looked this clear πŸ–€

  • starringpamela

    The only time I got a new car was when my first car was totaled and then I bought a used Toyota Corolla! I don’t see a reason to get another until this one is no longer running to be honest. Also love that you got a part time at Ulta! That sounds so fun and the employee discount must be amazing!

    • quitesimplystella

      Right!? Driving a nice looking car just isn’t something that I care about – I need a safe and reliable car. It’s that whole not being able to relax thing! I cleaned my apartment, worked out, made dinner and then was sitting in my living room like – now what? Haha! It will be fun though πŸ™‚

      • starringpamela

        Yes! As long as it’s safe and reliable then that’s the most important. I also love not having monthly car payments, that part is amazing haha! And yes, I’m always like “great moving onto the next thing, where is it???”

  • Hunida

    Hahaha! I can’t believe someone just left a ham in your car. πŸ˜‚ & the dude hitting on you?! Wow! Hope it was worth not selling his car…

    Congrats on the new job at Ulta!! So awesome that you get a nice employee discount. πŸ˜„ Your makeup looks so pretty!

    I didn’t know cats would like it better if their food was heated up! But my cats would be the same way lol they’re always getting jealous of each other!

    • quitesimplystella

      πŸ˜‚ I got on my car and was like is that a ham, WTF?! Right?! The worst part was that it was his wife’s old car? Sleaze.

      Thank you 😘 I’m hoping it will be fun!!

      Yeah, apparently it activates the food aromas so they are more enticed to eat it. Damn cats, such a chore 😜

      • Hunida

        WOW, his wife was probably inside putting the clean dishes away. What a sleaze, for real. πŸ˜›

        I hope you’ll enjoy your job at Ulta! Let us know how it goes & if the employee discount is worth the workload!

        Cats are seriously so funny!! πŸ˜€ <3

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