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Hey Kweeen!

Kim & Kylie have officially dropped at ULTA, you can now purchase a variety of lips kits and fragrances in numerous stores. That’s all fine and well until I walked into work this morning and there were 45 pairs of Kim’s nipples staring me down. Have you seen these bottles?! I think that they are created in her likeness, I mean, Kim is known for being naked most of the time so this shouldn’t have been a surprise. I was still shocked though, I guess I didn’t know that they were so life like or maybe it was the fact that the display is smack in the middle of the front entrance of the store. I’m not a very conservative person, I’ve said it before that women’s breasts should be no more or less sexualized than a man’s pectorals. I’m not walking around shirtless but I’d at least like the option so I don’t know why I am being such a prude over these busty bottles but thank goodness they are only in-stores on a temporary basis because they are stressing me out.

I am so ready for Blogmas to get started, there are so many good holiday products in stores right now and I can’t wait to start talking about them. I was going to save this product for a holiday topic but I can’t because it’s so awesome – it’s the Kweeen Glitter Spray from Eva NYC and I need like ten cans. A few months ago, I anti-hauled the Drybar x TooFaced hair glitter because it was 20 bucks for 2 ounces which seemed ridiculous, the Kweeen glitter is about half the cost for twice as much product and I don’t think it’s limited edition. I have used Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner before, all of their products have this sweet scent to them and this spray is no exception, it smells amazing. It is formulated with argan oil as well as their patented protein complex, it doesn’t dry your hair out or make it feel filmy. Each spritz is packed with glitter so you don’t need a lot of product to get that total glitter bomb effect which is what I am going for. It definitely has some staying power too, I worked all day and took a nap in it and was still pretty glittery. I love glitter all of the time, for any occasion but this time of year is especially perfect for wearing loads of glitter and I will be coating myself in it for the foreseeable future. I think this product would make a super fun stocking stuffer or a perfect accessory for any party outfit – I definitely recommend checking it out for all of the glitter junkies out there.

Plus, look at how lovely this can is! It’s just a fun, completely unnecessary product and I support that 😛


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