Quick Veggie Chili Recipe

Before we get to this quick and non-tasteless recipe, I have a short story time. I had to stop at the store last night on the way home because I didn’t have any jalapenos for this chili recipe. It’s snowing, the roads are slick as shit but I make it to the store and out of the store with no issue. Then, I am trucking across the parking lot and I walk in front of this SUV that was on but not driving, she was just sitting in the spot parked so it’s not like I walked out into traffic. This bitch drives into me! Are you kidding me?! Sure, she was only crawling but it was enough to squish my bags and knock me off balance. Who does that?! How are people getting licenses these days, if you can’t see someone directly in front of your car then you shouldn’t be driving. But it gets worse, she didn’t even get out of her car, she just sat there and watched me pick my shit up. I’m not an angry person but I was about ready to fight someone, I think the roads would be a lot safer if you could have your license revoked for being a moron. Piss me off.

Anyway, I finally made it home to make my chili which certainly isn’t an award winning chili but it’s pretty good and super easy which is just what you need when you almost get run over at the grocery store. I like my chili on the soup-y side but if you like chunky chili then add half of the veggie stock and most of it will be soaked up by the quinoa. I freestyle the chili powders, you can add more types of chili powder or increased quantities depending on your taste 🙂

I saute all of the veggies until the onions are transparent then start adding all of the other ingredients to the same pot. I do find that if I don’t saute the jalapenos and instead just add them fresh to the broth, the chili is definitely hotter but I sauteed them last night and it was still pretty spicy. Sometimes I add cumin, sometimes I don’t though because I don’t like the smell of it but it does add more flavor. That’s it, super easy and you can add in whatever veggies you’d like. What’s your favorite cold weather recipe?



  • Hunida

    Mmm the chili looks so good, love all those beans!!!

    I can’t believe the bitch didn’t even get out to help you and/or maybe APOLOGIZE? Wow!! I hope she does get her license revoked in the future.

    • quitesimplystella

      It turned out pretty good! Right?! I think that’s what pissed me off more than anything. If she honestly could not see me right in front of her car, she shouldn’t be driving!!

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