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Three Months of Halo Kiwi

I have to preface this post with stating that I was very skeptical of Tati releasing skincare vitamins, not because she doesn’t have amazing skin but she has also talked openly about how she managed her acne through antibiotics, botox plus she uses a ton of expensive skincare and other beauty treatments. There’s obviously a lot more going into her skincare regiment than supplements and I skipped on her first product because it was crazy expensive and I already take a cocktail of supplements for my skin but the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster intrigued me. What interested me the most is that it claims to inhibit bacteria growth, I only get the occasional spot on my face anymore but I get acne in weird places on my body constantly and it’s embarrassing. My skin is just hyper-reactive to synthetic material, fitted clothing – I had to stop wearing a bra years ago because they broke my skin out. It’s gross, I hate it and I’ve tried everything; no dairy, no fragrance in body washes or detergents, topical treatments, antibiotics, hypoallergenic lotion and some sulfur soak that I get from the dermatologist – gag. I was more than willing to give these insanely over-priced vitamins a go.

Roughly 90 days in and I’m mostly sold, the thing that I have noticed the most is that my skin does feel more hydrated and I’m not itching all of the time which is pretty great. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles but haven’t noticed any improvement to my fine lines or smile lines which I never believe it when products claim to improve those anyway. As for the inhibited bacteria growth, I do have some small spots but my chest which is usually constantly broken out from clothing friction doesn’t look too terrible, I could wear a v-neck and not feel self conscious. I hope to see more improvement with continued use, I will re-up on another 90 day supply and see what happens. The thing is, many of the ingredients in these, I was already taking as separate supplements, ie bromelain, zinc, rosehip and grapeseed and the cost will be a wash to me. I don’t know why I wasn’t seeing improvement with my other supplements, maybe the additional ingredients are doing the trick? Who knows, I don’t even know if I really believe in supplements – I am like the world’s biggest vitamin hypocrite. Do I just pee them all out? I mean, probably but my skin does look pretty good so explain that to me.

I am definitely interested in seeing what she comes out with next, I don’t feel the need to try Hair, Skin & Nail Halo but the Kiwi Booster was totally unexpected and I really like it, mostly, I think 😛

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