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We Get It – You Smoke Pot: A Rant

Magic Dragon. Bambalachi. Yellow Submarine. Black Bart. Dr. Giggles. Kentucky Blue. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Railroad Weed. That’s right. The Devil’s Parsley. Skunk. Splim. Splam. Mooster. Side Salad – Detective Monk on weed 😀 This is a rant because I have a lot of opinions and feel the need to share them. I’ve had it with Melt Cosmetics and their obnoxious glamorization of smoking reefer. There, I said it. I purchased most of the Hot Box collection that came out a while ago but they’ve lost their damn minds with the release of Smoke Session. The promotional ad that was put out a few days before the release was this artsy scene of a gal rolling a fatty, it was tacky as fuck and that’s my whole issue with Melt and the weed obsession – it’s tacky.

Do I care about the legalization of weed or that anyone chooses to use it? I don’t, I literally don’t care about what other people want to do to their bodies or put into their bodies – it’s none of my business. I think that marijuana should be legalized, I think that all drugs should be legalized because I have no tolerance for gangs and by legalizing some of their biggest profit makers, you take away some of their power and influence. It disgusts me that people are having to flee their homes because of rampant gang violence that is compounded by police corruption. Stick with me, I also feel that treatment options for addicts could be made more widely available and regulation of substances could be improved if these substances were legalized. It probably sounds insane but people can be addicted to anything and it’s weird to me that we pick and choose what should be outlawed. For example, roughly 30% of adult Americans are obese, this can lead to other health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disorders, osteoarthritis just to name a few. While not all of these are life-threatening, some can be so why aren’t we outlawing processed foods, high fructose corn syrup and mandating exercise?! A 2017 statistic showed that an estimated 29 people were killed each day by drunk drivers, why can’t we completely outlaw alcohol? Don’t even get me started on cigarettes and yet I can walk into any gas station and buy a pack of reds and condoms and sometimes liquor with a valid ID. None of which I actually purchase at the gas station but you get the idea. My point is, it’s complete and blatant hypocrisy and my issue isn’t that I’m anti-weed.

I think it’s tacky because they are exploiting something that people are still sitting in prison for and making it seem like it’s a very normal thing. Depicting the use of weed in a sexy ad to promote makeup isn’t the way to normalize marijuana – legalizing it is and I think it’s premature to start pedaling it as just another lifestyle choice. How is it OK for Melt Cosmetics to sell the image of smoking a substance that is still illegal in most states to literally anyone with internet access? It is irresponsible to not include some type of disclaimer stating that while marijuana is legal in California and other sates, it isn’t legal everywhere – is that too much to ask?! Also, the only message that I got from that ad was that you can look really sexy smoking up and I’m like – is that the selling point? Kinda’ reminds me of the cigarette ads from the 40’s and 50’s and we all know how we feel about those now. I don’t necessarily think that legalizing weed will encourage more people to smoke it but this ad did, I was like, well shit – I feel some kind of way about this. It was a very confusing two minutes of my life.

Do I still want the palette? Yea, I totally do but I wish they had gone about marketing the collection differently rather than just assume that because they are the crazy aunt who smokes pot at the mall that everyone would be OK with the idea. I totally get that their whole shtick is edgy and pushing boundaries and I love the brand but this felt like too much even for them. It reminds me of this time in college when one of our dorm mates told us that she was gay and my other dorm mate kissed her to prove that she wasn’t homophobic, totally inappropriate and I think it actually negated her original argument. You can’t just run around blowing smoke in everyone’s faces without their consent, Brenda!

Anyway, the palette is sold out now which I’m bummed about but I probably didn’t need it anyway. What do you think? Am I just getting old, is this the new norm? I’ll do my best to catch up 😛 I swear though, if soccer moms start wearing pot leaf bedazzled t-shirts, the whole thing is dead to me. If you haven’t seen that ad though, definitely check it out.I’m not judging anyone’s lifestyle, I’m very chill about the whole thing but feel that all of this profiting and capitalizing from legalized marijuana is premature while people are still sitting in prison for weed related infractions. Let me know your thoughts!



  • Hunida

    Girl, I agree with every word! The weed proaganda is obnoxious and so out of hand. The packaging isn’t even cute, either… love those shades though! 😛

  • ayrgalaxy

    That ad was ridiculous. It made no sense and I agree, they shouldn’t be trying to even profit off the idea alone when it’s still a federal offense. I didn’t really care much for that palette to be honest, as much as I’m pro-marijuana the way they went about it was idiotic lol. Tacky is the perfect word to describe the ad lol.

    • quitesimplystella

      Right!? I don’t even feel like it was edgy with how obnoxious it was. I hope that other brands don’t also take a cue from this although, I have seen new products to Sephora more recently that have marijuana additives. I think it’s just wrong for some to profit. I guess we’ll see what happens are it because more normalized!

      • ayrgalaxy

        I wouldn’t be surprised if other brands jump into it and try to make it a thing of theirs. I mean, when the whole rainbow highlighter came out, every brand pretty much got on board, it was annoying lol. I almost bet they’ll wanna get on this too now that marijuana is not as “taboo”

        • quitesimplystella

          Agreed! Now that it’s been so blatantly used as a campaign successfully, how could other brands not jump on that? Pot leaf embossed everything – can you imagine!? Sheesh.

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