Blogmas Day 19: My Out of Control Amazon Wishlist

I have an Amazon shopping addiction, I don’t love that I have this because I do feel like the convenience of online shopping has impacted the profitability of brick and mortar stores. The thing that I do like about Amazon is that instead of purchasing from 3-4 different sellers at a time, generating 3-4 packages, putting additional delivery trucks on the road – I can order several items that all come together in one order. Still, I have tried to curb my purchases from them but have still been adding items to my wishlist and it’s gotten a bit out of hand! I kind of have various categories; items that need more research, items that I don’t really need and items that I have tried before but don’t feel the need to repurchase immediately.

Transparent Crossbody BagHere’s the deal, I have to take all of my personal belongings in a clear bag when I work at ULTA and I think this one is way more fashionable and a bit bigger than what I was given. I haven’t purchased it yet because I don’t know if I will be kept on after the holidays and then what else what I use it for? I like the sassy gold chain and closure detail, I’ll consider an upgrade if I work beyond the holidays.

Beistle Jointed CatBecause when am I not shopping for Halloween decor? This is a replica of some of the original Beistle designs and is pure Halloween Americana, I have been collecting replicas as well as some originals for many years and this would be an awesome addition.

NOW Designs Owl CanisterThese have been on my wishlist for years but I don’t have any more counter space to accommodate new kitchen stuff! Plus, how many canisters does one person need? I feel like I keep purchasing them then I will just continue finding stuff to put in them and that seems unnecessary but I can speak to the craftsmanship of NOW Designs as I do own quite a few pieces from them.

United Pets Cozy Cat Cave & BedHere’s the deal, my cats hate most everything that I purchase for them aside from a tiny brown mouse that they’ve had for like 10 years and have chewed the tail off so this could be another waste of money that would just take up space or they could be really into it. Cats, honestly, impossible to buy for.

Cell Phone HolderI actually do need this and think it would be super useful since I don’t own a television any longer and watch most everything on the my phone. On the other hand, it seems completely superfluous so I’ve yet to purchase it.

Sequin Party SkirtI mean, I don’t know if I’d ever have an occasion to wear this or what the quality is but I’d like to own a sequin skirt.

nooni Repair Turnover Peel PadI don’t know anything about this brand but these have really good reviews, I’m going for it the next time I need a peel product which won’t be for a long time since I’m such a peel addict.

Reusable Produce BagsThese are a new addition to the wishlist, I was watching Jessica Braun’s gift guide a few days ago and she had some similar produce bags on there. The thing is, ever since I have been grocery shopping for myself, I never noticed that stores provided plastic produce bags and never use them. I just balance my fruits and veggies on other items and then put them on the scale loose, this has worked for me for the past decade and I feel like I’d be creating waste by purchasing these but also, cashiers get super annoyed when my brussel sprouts are rolling all over.

Silver Lilly RobeDo you know how hard it is to find a good robe? I’m never completely satisfied with the weight or the texture or the length and this is why I still haven’t ordered this one.

Shiny Brite Fawn Ornaments I want these for next year because they look amazing, I went a bit over my budget this year for decorating though with the second tree and all but they’re on my list for next year! Amazon also has an extensive selection of Shiny Brite replicas and they come in the vintage inspired boxes, definitely recommend.

Haribo StarmixBecause I definitely need 12 packages of gummy candy but the Starmix includes an assortment of all the best kinds of gummy candies.

Derma Roller KitOK, if anyone reading this has used one of these, please let me know! I have been so curious about them but reviews are either awesome or the most horrific shit you’ll ever read and I can’t commit. Is it really good to be rolling thousands of micro-needles all over your face?! I dunno, could be amazing – let me know!

Facial Massager Tati uses one of these things and I keep seeing them around but do they really do anything?! I just don’t have enough time in my day to give myself a facial massage for no reason.

Desk OrganizerI don’t know what the reason was for adding this to my wishlist but it looks useful.

Wool Dryer BallsSimply because I hate dryer sheets, I have a box of like 9,000 though and have been waiting to purchase these.

Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Collection Dish Soap Orange Clove and Peppermint are known favorites but I’m side-eying that Iowa Pine. Does that smell like a regular pine tree? Does it smell like cows and corn, who knows?

That’s mostly it aside from the shitload of office supplies that I want but don’t need and probably won’t ever. I think that it would be the most fun to work at like Office Depot or some place that I could be surrounded by office supplies all day, I just really enjoy office supplies. What’s on your Amazon wishlist? Do you like shopping on Amazon or prefer to purchase directly from vendors?



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