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Valentine’s Day Tree – Trendy or Completely Crazy?

Am I skipping right past New Years? Yea, I totally am because who cares? Actually, I am doing something this year which is unusual but before we get to New Years, something needs to be done with my Christmas decor and I’m feeling lazy, I don’t want to take my bedroom tree down and I’ve decided to turn it into a Valentine’s Day tree. Does it seem like equal amount of work to decorate it again as it does to just take it down? Yes, yes it does but I’m still doing it and honestly, it’s only crazy if someone finds out – right?! Would it be totally nuts to also invest in a pink tree to go with the white one? Anyway, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration, I’m planning on DIY’ing some of the ornaments and then reusing the pink ones from my Christmas decorations this year – I think it’s going to be perfectly gaudy.

How do people get so many ornaments onto their trees, by the way? I feel like my trees always look a little sparse in comparison to what I’ve seen online. I’m thinking that I will use some pink string lights if I can find them and homemade felted garland to add a few hearts, I definitely don’t want it to be only hearts but I’m not sure what else I will be able to find. Obviously, I have loads of pink ornaments that I will be able to use and even some pink tinsel that I didn’t use for my decor this Christmas. I have a few crafting ideas in mind for this project and will be sure to share the process on here. What holidays do you decorate for – can I keep the tree up all year long 😛


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