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Hello, January: A Little Life Update

It was doom and gloom all weekend, aside from when I was working at ULTA and the sun was literally shining the most that it ever has in my entire lifetime and then it was dark when I left so, I didn’t get to take any blog photos. I know that I have been doing more chatty content and less product content lately but hopefully I can get some photos this week, in the meantime, let’s have a bit of a catch-up!

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Veganuary is in full swing and it’s been going fine, I say fine because it really hasn’t been a huge change since I don’t eat a lot of animal product anyway! I felt like it was going to be more exciting than it has been but I have tried some new recipes which has been fun, some have been good and some have been a little slimy. I definitely miss coffee creamer, I do not like nut milk and coconut milk is too sweet so I have been drinking black coffee – eh. The only dairy that I consume is coffee creamer and cheese, the cheese has been surprisingly easy to cut – who knew that I didn’t really need a pile of cheese on everything to enjoy it. Back to that slimy recipe, I tried this recipe for faux tuna salad and it is amazing but I don’t recommend trying it with cubed avocado because the texture was awful. I’m a mayonnaise junky, the Hellman’s Vegan Mayo is super delicious, way better consistency than the Spectrum brand – definitely recommend. The only other issue that I am having is that I feel like I am constantly eating, I used to get a lot of my protein from yogurt and cheese so it’s been tricky finding other sources, finding time to eat and not feeling like I am constantly overeating. Also though, how much should we trust the FDA and their recommended nutrition info? I mean, they’ve been telling people to consume cow secretion since ever and it makes me question the whole establishment. Other recipes that I have really enjoyed, all courtesy of Pinterest:

Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Sweet PotatoesI don’t love tahini, so I skipped dressing altogether but they were still tasty.

Vegan Spicy Thai Ramen – It’s supposed to include peanut butter, I am allergic but it was very good without.

Easy Vegan Veggie Quiche With Sweet Potato CrustThis was actually really easy and the texture of the tofu was perfect. I actually think that it was easier to make than an egg quiche and the flavor was fresh and light, definitely recommend. I think I am making it again this weekend and will snap some photos.

I have been forgoing most of the sauces because I don’t care for tahini or the cashew sauce that many of the recipes include, they both taste gritty to me. Other than that, it’s been status quo and brussel sprouts πŸ˜› Also, I still hate kale. Also, also – I realized that my fave moisturizer is formulated with goat milk so I have been cheating a bit but picked up a new moisturizer this weekend.

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As you all know by now, I got lash extensions about a month ago and I wasn’t totally sold on how they looked but got used to them and about two weeks ago, they started becoming really painful. It hurt to wash them or touch them at all and I felt like something was constantly pulling on my lashes plus they were stabbing me in areas when I closed my eyes. I was patiently waiting for them to fall out so that I could get a fill but they weren’t really falling out and when they did, they were taking 3-4 of my natural lashes with them because the extensions had been glued on to clumps of lashes rather than individual ones. They hurt so much because they were literally pulling my natural lashes out. I started to get worried about removal because I had been coating my lashes in different oils at night to loosen them up and they weren’t budging. I made an appointment at a different salon to at least have them removed and then see what they thought about a new set. Well, it took three rounds with this adhesive dissolving gel and almost 45 minutes to get my lashes off because there was so much glue. The gel is safe for the eyes apparently but did start to burn on the last application, I felt like my eyes were going to burst. There was still residue on some of the lashes but we didn’t want to do another round of gel, my natural lashes mostly looked good and she did lash what she could. They feel much better, not as much volume since she had to skip some lashes but I still like them. I don’t know what the moral of the story is here, the first round of lashes were not cheap, my friend has been getting her lashes done there for years and the salon has really good reviews – I feel like I did as much research as I could and kinda’ got a bad service. Anyway, proceed at your own risk, I guess.

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I went a little nuts for my birthday, I actually went to the mall in a super shitty mood and partook in a tad too much retail therapy. Once everything arrives, I will post a haul but here is a little peek πŸ˜›


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I’ve been in a weird, nostalgic mood lately and have been binge-watching cartoons like Rocky & Bullwinkle and Scooby DooΒ  – I don’t really know why but it’s peaceful to curl up and watch something that you don’t really have to think about. I can’t with the Spongebob though, I think you have to be on acid to watch that show and not have a psychotic break. Do you ever do that? Like put on a kid’s movie or show and just veg out?

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Dun, dun, dun. I haven’t been too worried about my upcoming dental work until I picked up my prescriptions for it on Saturday and the panic set in. Apparently, it could take anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour and I am being completely put under. The anesthesia is only supposed to keep you under for the duration of your appointment but how do they know to give you enough for the right amount of time?! What if I wake up half-way through? Ugh, can’t wait for that to be over.

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While part of me knows that the warmer winters could be a sign of global climate change, I kind of don’t care if we get any more snow or not. There are just too many idiots on the road, I had a really scary experience the last time it rained a bitch load and then snowed over top of that. I was waiting for the light to turn green for straight traffic and I always look before I go because Minnesotans are notorious for running lights, I have never seen so many drivers doing this in any other state that I have driven in. So, I am inching towards the light for it to go green, not fully stopping because of the ice and I knew I would have a hard time going again – well, per usual, a semi was blasting towards the intersection fully intending to run the light, and seemingly tried to brake at the last minute but ended up sliding through the intersection well after I had a green. I almost forgot to look because I just assume people won’t drive like assholes in bad weather and yet, they always prove me wrong. Also, fuck semi-truck drivers. And, if people could lose their licenses for driving like assholes, that might help the emissions problem – sounds like a win, win to me. Also, if one more person asks me if they can drive on the little ice that is on the lakes, I am going to lose it – it’s 40 degrees outside.

That’s all I got – what’s happening in your world?


    • quitesimplystella

      Thank you 😘 Yeah, I’ve found a new route home with only one stop light – too paranoid. People are nuts!!

  • Hunida

    Okay so I’ve been eating dairy-free for a year now and my boyfriend has tried and perfected the cashew cream sauce now. It used to frustrate him when I’d give him a recipe that included it but girl, his is smooth and creamy and not at all gritty. I asked him why yours would be coming up that way and he said you need to let the cashews sit in water longer? I’m not the chef so I have no idea what he means lol. He’s also made quite a few amazing, smooth tahini sauces… yum! I usually hate kale too though, unless it’s wilted or in soup!

    So scary about the lashes! Can’t believe you had to go through so much to get them off & you still got a new set!! Hope they are better & don’t hurt you this time! I think I will steer clear of those for sure now. πŸ˜›

    Wow!!! Look at all those Drunk Elephant products. Cannot wait to see the rest of your haul. 😍 I hope everything goes/went well at the dentist!!

    • quitesimplystella

      Interesting! I’ll have to keep trying because the dishes are a little dry when I leave the sauces off. I’ve been soaking the cashews over night, I didn’t even think about how that would change the consistency. Thanks for the tip!! Agreed, I love kale in soup but the raw texture grosses me out.

      Right?! I almost didn’t have them put another set on but then I figured they couldn’t be any worse than they had been. You just never know I guess, beauty treatments are tricky.

      I’ve been waiting to try change my skincare regimen to all fragrance free and finally used up my day cream and cleanser. I’ll post reviews soon! The dentist is finally done, glad I got those teeth out but what a pain.

      • Hunida

        He said, “that’s weird, it should be extra mushy if she lets them soak overnight. She needs to use more of the other liquids or something… something ain’t right” LOL. I hope you can get a good consistency because the cashew cream sauces are really so good. I like coconut milk sauces, too! There are some that eliminate the coconut flavor completely leaving you with a creamy sauce or soup still. πŸ™‚

        Do your new lashes look the same?! I wanna seeee lol. Beauty treatments really are tricky! I was getting too frustrated with nail salons, I had been going for nearly 5 years and just called it quits last year and have been growing my eyebrows out so I haven’t had to get them threaded in forever either. I can’t remember my last beauty appointment now & kind of stressed me out to think of making/having to go to one lol!

        Ahh! So excited to read your thoughts on the products. I can really only use fragrance-free on my face so it will be very useful for me!! So glad to hear you got the teeth out. Hopefully no mishaps with the anesthesia and/or the dentist himself? Hahah.

        • quitesimplystella

          Hahaha! Maybe not enough liquid, they are mushy but there’s just this weird, grittiness to the sauce. I hope so too, I haven’t tried many coconut sauces but I should!

          They look mostly the same, just a bit thinner since she didn’t put lashes on the ones that still had some glue. What a mess. I’ll post an update photo 😊 It’s so hard to find consistently good services. Hahaha! It is stressful but good for you, you’re saving yourself time & money!!

          I think you’d like them! I haven’t had any issues, I’m sad to stop using some of my old products but there’s no need for fragrance in skincare. Haha! Nope, it went really well 😘

          • Hunida

            Try putting the cashews through a strong food processor on their own first. I think that should help a little! Can’t wait to see your new set of eyelashes. πŸ˜€ & yes, but mostly just saving time because I keep spending the money since I don’t have to use it on beauty appointments LOL.

            I agree there’s no need for fragrance but, it’s fun for like… body lotion, isn’t it?! Lol. Happy everything went well πŸ™‚ <3

          • quitesimplystella

            Hahaha! Isn’t that always the way, just find something else to spend money on πŸ˜‚

            Totally, love a good scented lotion 😊

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