It’s Almost My Birthday, I Can Cry if I Want To…

What is that song even about? I only know the chorus but isn’t it about some gal whose boyfriend ditches her at her own birthday party and his name is like Jonny? Jonny?! Who goes by Jonny past the age of like 6, sounds like a dud anyway – probably a blessing in disguise that he dumped her. I have to listen to the song now. If you’re new here, my birthday is my day to celebrate me and treat myself – as it should be for everyone and I hope that you get to do so. I don’t ask for gifts, ever and prefer to just purchase what I want because I don’t like other people spending their time and money on me. Anyway, here are a few items that are on my list this year!

Cooluli Mini Fridge:

I kept seeing these on Instagram for storing skincare which, seems pretty ridiculous but I noticed that a few of my serums and oils had gone rancid when I was doing my beauty clear out and some of them were not expired. Also, since I have been more curious about clean beauty and natural skincare I think it would be a good investment and hopefully keep my skincare fresh. Amazon has a few color choices and it’s not terribly expensive, I’m on the fence but definitely curious.

Patagonia Micro-Puff Jacket:

This is actually a need, I ripped the armpit out of my current Patagonia when I was snowboarding last year and I had it patched but it’s never quite fit the same and it the patch pulls open if I’m not careful. That coat and I had a really good run but I have been putting off this purchase for ages because it’s just not that fun, I keep trying to convince myself that I can make it through this winter πŸ˜›

I have an entire shopping cart full of wants from Modcloth that I am trying to trim down but there’s so much on sale right now!!

Instantly Chic Peplum Top

Palpable Perks Knit Top

Beaming Benefactor Lace Dress

How lovely is this dress but is it too much to wear for work I wonder?

Yours Truly Long Sleeve Dress

I love these quirky dress prints and I know that this silhouette looks alright on me, the neckline detail is also super cute.

What’s Inside That Counts Bag

I only have a couple of beauty items on my list because I’m really trying to use up what I have before I have to throw anything else out. I say I only have a couple of things but we’ll see what happens when I walk into Sephora, I should probably just make an online order to be safe πŸ˜€

Liquid Exfolikate Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment

This product has very similar ingredient to the Sunday Riley Good Genes and I am excited to see how it performs in comparison. I like most of the Exfolikate line and we all know that I love peeling my face, I hope it smells like the face wash!

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y

This is by far my favorite lip gloss formula and I am so pleased that she has another new shade out.

I think that’s really it, nothing too crazy this year but I’m also not in a big shopping mood – that damn minimalist thing is taking hold. I am getting my lashes filled which I am looking forward to, that wonky one just won’t fall out and it’s still driving me nuts! On the lashes note, they have held up really well and I’ve only lost half a dozen or so but I have noticed that they look a little dry and am totally get why they need to be filled even if they haven’t really fallen out. Anyway, what do you like to do for your birthday, let me know in the comments.


    • quitesimplystella

      Thank you!! I’m excited to see what I decide which is lame since I know what I’m getting πŸ˜›

  • Hunida

    Happy almost birthday, Stella! I like to treat myself for my birthday, too. πŸ™‚ That mini fridge for skincare seems super interesting lol. I love your style, too. I’d wear all the items you included from Modcloth! I also need to try that Fenty gloss– sounds amazing!

    • quitesimplystella

      Thank you <3 I think that's appropriate, it's your day, right?! It does seem like an interesting concept, I ordered one - we'll see if keeps my skincare fresh for longer. I use a lot of natural products that do often spoil before I can use them up so it would save me money in the long run. Awww, thank you!! Love the classic cuts πŸ™‚ It's soooo good - definitely my fave gloss formula. Check it out for sure!

      • Hunida

        Ah! How exciting that you ordered the mini fridge. I can’t wait to hear all about it!! πŸ˜€ Not only will you be saving money but, it’s darn cute, too lol.

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