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NOTD: Bronze Age

Have you ever found out what someone does for a living and are like, yeah – that makes a lot of sense. Like 2nd Grade teachers or librarians, they tend to be a certain type of person. I found out that one of my neighbors is a mortician and I always got a vibe from this guy, like an Uncle Fester vibe and now, I totally get it. He’s not a weirdo, he’s just a mortician πŸ˜› I got my nails freshened up this evening, I am loving this dip powder manicure, my nails look a lot healthier than when I was wearing acrylics all of the time. I also think that it holds up better than gel does, I rarely would have issues with chipping but I would always scratch the tops of my nails and the dip powder doesn’t seem to get scratched up. I went with a sparkly bronze for the main color and then a chunky, gold accent nail which might be totally early 2000’s but the ombre thing takes for-ever and I just didn’t want to sit there. Plus, it seems like a giant pain in the ass for the nail tech and I feel bad.

What are you up to this weekend – let me know!


  • hoiyinli

    LOL Uncle Fester vibes but he’s not a weirdo. You crack me up.

    The nails look great!

    Not up to much – I caught up on sleep just now and have just woke up from an 8/9 hour sleep which is plenty (I tend to average about 5/6 throughout the weekdays which yeah, I know is bad.) I will probably focus on blogging and taking some photos today if the lighting is any good!

    • quitesimplystella

      Hahaha! Seriously though, every time I’d seem him on the elevator or in the garage – I’d always be side-eyeing him πŸ˜‚ Then, we we’re chatting yesterday and he said he was a mortician and I was like, oooooohhhhh πŸ˜‚

      Thank you, they always do such a great job!

      Same, I run lighter on sleep during the week as well. Good for you, sleep is so important! Yes!! It’s been getting dark so early, I’ll probably squeeze in some photos too. Enjoy 😘

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