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Real Techniques Must Haves

PSA – the entire Real Techniques brand is on BOGO at ULTA right now and not that buy one, get one 50% crap – literally buy one, get one free! I almost exclusively use Real Techniques brushes because they are affordable, effective and they wash really well. I love them so much that my back-ups have back-ups just in case. They are currently refreshing the original look which is awesome, same great brushes with a modern flare. Here are my absolute favorite brushes from the brand.

Everyday Essentials:

This kit includes 5 of their must-have complexion brushes and they’re all good. You get an Expert Face (salmon pink), Blush (big light pink), Setting (little light pink) and Deluxe Crease Brush (purple) as well as a sponge, I think my faves in this set are the Crease and Expert Face brushes – I use the crease brush for buffing out the edges of my concealer but it makes a quick-eye look super easy and the foundation brush provides an almost perfect foundation application. The Setting Brush is perfect for setting under eyes, around the nose and any other little areas that need setting when you don’t feel the need to powder your whole face. All of these brushes can be purchased separately too but the set is a total deal and good introduction to the brand if you haven’t used it before.

Miracle Complexion Sponges: I switched to this from the Beauty Blender a while ago and I’ll never go back, they aren’t as squishy as the BB but I like the finish they provide and that you can use them dry with powder foundation and still get a really nice finish. Not to mention they are crazy affordable, you could get 8 sponges during this sale for less than the cost of one BB. Also, they don’t do that weird dye bleeding thing that BB’s do when you wash them and they hold up just as well.

Enhanced Eye Set: This is the old version, the new version is a redder purple and it comes with a clear plastic cup which is super handy. I don’t see that it’s available online yet but I was able to find a couple of sets in-store. I like and use all of these brushes most everyday aside from the comb thing because what is that even for? I find that since the bristles are so dense, that blending is a cinch but they still lay down a ton of pigment.

Instapop Eye Duo: You get a shader and a crease brush, one for laying down shadow and one for blending – it’s the perfect duo. I have not seen a refreshed version of this set but would love it if they released one!

Powder Brush: I have like 10 of these because I use them for foundation, setting powder, highlighter, blush – there’s just something about the shape of the brush that makes it extremely versatile.

All of their brushes are good but I think those are the essentials, or at least the ones that I use the most often. I don’t love their brush cleaner, I just use Baby Wash to clean the brushes which keeps the bristles super soft and effectively cleans them. Some of my original brushes have been in my collection for years and I don’t think that I have tossed a single one, some of them look well-used but they still work great. If you are in need of some new brushes, now is the perfect time to check them out!

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