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The Beauty Fridge Arrived!

So, I was reading this article today about a case of child abuse in Minneapolis and I’m like – how hard is it to not abuse kids? Or animals for that matter, don’t have kids, don’t get a pet – it’s not like we are just issued these things and obligated to take care of them. It’s optional and it drives me nuts that people are so incredibly dumb. It just surprises me that people have to pass a test to become a US citizen but anyone can have kids or get a pet – there should be some kinda’ test to weed out the idiots. Especially in a case like the one I was reading about where the child died as a result of neglect, the child didn’t ask to be born in the first place, it certainly didn’t asked to be abused for the duration of its short life – had the mother been deemed unfit prior to even getting pregnant and not allowed to have the child, a lifetime of suffering could have ceased to exist. And yea, you hear about those feel good stories where addicts get their lives straight and turn into great parents but I think that happens a lot less often than abuse stories. It’s just not OK and it really pisses me off. There are over 400,000 kids in foster care and while some of the circumstances are certainly unavoidable, the top two reasons for a child to be placed in foster care are neglect and drug abuse. I mean, don’t let assholes and crackheads have babies – how is it that fucking hard?! Instead, we allow people to abuse and harm another living being to the point that if they don’t die, they very well could be damaged for their entire existence. Anyway, that was a downer…do you ever read shit like that and it just blows your mind that it even happened because it literally could have all been avoided?

OK, I know that I said that I would wait to post a birthday haul until all of my parcels arrived but I have to talk about the Cooluli that arrived yesterday. I posted a picture of this little cutie to my Instagram and a friend of mine messaged me and wanted to know if it was really necessary. Not in like a snarky, seems like a weird waste of money way but more-so just genuine curiosity so I wanted to share some thoughts on why I purchased one and if it’s really necessary.

Did I purchase one because I kept seeing these beautiful photos on Instagram of these cute AF refrigerators and desperately wanted one? Probably, I mean, partly but also the shelf life of some beauty and skincare products can be extended by storing them in the refrigerator and that’s what really sold me. I do not believe that applying chilled product of any kind will increase the efficacy of said product so I am definitely not on that band wagon but I’m also not a scientist with any understanding of chemical compounds so do your own research there. The beauty fridge made sense to me because I already keep face masks, retinols, eye creams and all of my natural skincare in my regular fridge to keep them fresh. I mentioned in another post that I had done a huge skincare clear out and some oils had gone rancid well before their due date well, oils benefit from being refrigerated as well! Even products like mascara, lip glosses and fragrances can benefit from being stored in a chilled environment as it helps to stabilize their consistency and some of the chemicals they are formulated with. For roughly $40, I think it was well worth it if I can extend the freshness of some of my products that can cost as much all on their own. So, is it necessary – I think it depends on what kind of skincare you use, if you use a lot of natural products like I do then my answer is totally, yes. If you are already storing a number of products in your kitchen and your skincare routine requires a couple of trips to the kitchen then, yes! It seems really extra and unnecessary but it also makes a lot of sense.

Let’s talk about the unit – it’s a smidge smaller than I had anticipated. I see these things on Instagram stuffed with all kinds of products but I think that’s just for the aesthetic because I could only get 7 or so containers in mine. It’s close in size to a standard shoe box but just a bit deeper. It feels pretty much like a mini cooler and the door snaps closed in the same fashion as one. Mine came with a number of adapters, obviously I am using the wall one and it has a heat setting in addition to the cool setting which could come in handy if one was using it for food. It has a fan so it does make a little whirring noise but I can’t hear it running once I leave the bathroom. It weighs about a pound and while I would consider the bigger one, this is the perfect size for my bathroom counter top. I will update in a few months to see how it holds up with being constantly on, I am definitely curious to see if any condensation collects or if any other issues arise.

If you want to know more about what products benefit from being chilled, check out this article – some of it’s totally superfluous but there’s quite a bit of useful information as well! What do you think, is the beauty fridge just another social media trend or useful commodity?


  • Mrs Strawberry Blonde

    I agree with you on the first bit. There are way too many people who have kids and / or pets even though they can’t even take care of themselves. Reading stuff like this makes my blood boil too, and I really wish that those people who clearly are the scum of the earth, would be sterilised. I know that not everyone agrees with me on this, but I think the government should offer them £100 (or $ or whatever) if they agreed to be sterilised. Whoever accepts the offer has clearly shown that he/she would prefer easy money for drugs (or whatever) over a family, so it’s the perfect parent-suitability test right here! In regards to animals, I don’t know about the US, but here in the UK people usually get away with paying a small fine and a temporary ban on keeping pets which is nowhere near enough. When I read in the paper about those waste-of-space yobs, who will never have a purpose in life and who abuse animals because they got bored and because it’s easy to abuse small animals, I really wish that vigilantes would take revenge. And yes, I really do mean it!

    Onto the fridge! This is a brilliant idea. I do keep beauty stuff in our kitchen fridge too. I don’t think I’ll buy a separate beauty fridge, but yes, the one you got is cute af! 😍

    • quitesimplystella

      Yes! It should at least be an option, especially if the doctor can tell that the mother is an alcoholic or drug addict. I have a friend who does ultrasounds, she says it’s crazy how often women come in with on drugs or with drugs in their system and they can’t really say much else other than that they should get clean. I hate it. Same. Unless it’s a high-profile dog fighting case which even then it might only result in minimal punishment. Absolutely disgusting. Agreed, some people are evil enough to be taken out – it would make the world a better place! Ugh.

      It’s pretty cool, useful so far 😘

    • quitesimplystella

      It’s the cutest thing in my bathroom 😂 I will definitely update, curious to see how it runs over time. So far, so good.

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