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Anti-Haul #6

I hope that anyone who is being impacted by the weather event in Texas stays safe. I remember many childhood summers spent in Texas, it will always hold a special place in my heart but I could never live there because of hurricane season. Anyway,… Read More

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Anti-Haul #5

It is Tuesday but definitely feels like a Monday plus it is overcast and cold.I am not feeling the summer vibes but still have some plants to pot! I am supposed to be striking vibes from my lexicon but it’s so hard. It’s like when… Read More

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Anti-Haul #4

I had a nightmare (yes, an actual nightmare) that I did not prepare name tags for an upcoming meeting. Usually I am pretty easy going but also very detail oriented and I don’t forget things like that – apparently this is the stuff that nightmares… Read More

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Anti – Haul #3

With the impending VIB sale upon us, I thought it was a good time for an Anti-Haul! I have to say that if you have not checked out Kimberly Clark’s videos DO IT – they are so good. What other YouTuber works extrapolate¬†into everyday conversation… Read More