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Maneater Mascara

My makeup was very distracting today and not in a fierce, fierce work-it kinda’ way – I tried and failed using liquid eyeliner yet again. I hate looking a t my face and just seeing makeup, I am just not a fan of the way… Read More

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Metallic Eyes

Talk about freezing! The wind chill is completely miserable and everything is coated in ice from the freezing drizzle yesterday. I love winter but can understand why so many people hate it when it gets like this. A few posts ago I mentioned that Tarte… Read More

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Thoughts on Moondust

So – the Prime Minister of Canada (total hunk by the way) jokingly quipped that Canada would welcome Americans fleeing Trump. I did a little research and I would need about 20 grand to make a move to Canada and there is no guarantee on… Read More