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Fall Fashion Inspo.

We are currently experiencing torrential rain, photos aren’t gonna’ happen today. I am watching The Simpsons and online shopping for clothing that will probably end with me purchasing something wildly impractical. I have a work uniform, I wear pretty much the same thing every day… Read More

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Pastels, If We Must

Sometimes I hate that we live our lives so transparently online, I feel as though we have so much access to intimate information that we didn’t have even 10 years ago. I hate it when I read or hear something distasteful that someone I admire… Read More

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Modcloth Sale Pick-Ups

I am feverishly planning my work Halloween costume, it was between Ms. Frizzle (a staple in my adult costume rotation) or your basic witch and I think I am going basic this year. Although, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a gorgeous tulle skirt… Read More

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New Bag!

Modcloth has struck again – they have a handful of new totes from StreetLevel. I own a number of these totes and they are all fabulous from the construction to the colours – just really nice, affordable bags. My very first tote is a deep… Read More