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Halloween Tag!

Like I needed another reminder that the internet is a dangerous, dangerous place – I was vegging in front of the computer last night and watched this compilation of people who had been turned into memes and how it basically ruined their lives. I ignorantly… Read More

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The Lottery Tag!

I didn’t know what to talk about today – makeup has been same old and it is a glum day. I thought I would do a tag, Pamela tagged me in The Lottery Tag back in June…? I am abysmal at doing tags 😛 At my… Read More

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The Liebster Award

So almost there with catching up with all of these!! I will post my regular Sample Saturday today as well so stay tuned. I was nominated for this by Pamela from Starring Pamela, she is a Chicago/Milwaukee based lifestyle blogger. Two of my absolute favourite places, the… Read More

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The Cramm Award

More blogger recognition but I am almost caught up and that is a wonderful feeling! Cheila from Pink For Days nominated me for the Cramm Award – so thank you to Cheila! She reminds me of a Portuguese exchange student who lived in my dorms my… Read More

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The Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by GlitzandGlamz, thanks for the nomination! The rules are as follows: First and foremost, certainly not because I feel as though I have any knowledge or expertise when it comes to beauty or skincare 😛 The BF has a… Read More

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Mystery and Versatile Blogger Awards

Keeping it rolling with the blogger recognition today, I will do sub-box reveal tomorrow but am working diligently to get caught up. I received nominations for the Mystery Blogger Award  and the Versatile Blogger Award from Lily at Covet Luxe who is a kindred spirit with her love of avocado… Read More