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31 Nights of Horror – It (1990)

The 1990 adaptation of the Stephen King book It was a two-part made for television miniseries, it’s 187 minutes so buckle up. First things first, this is one that I would absolutely recommend reading before watching. People who were pissed about the final form of the demonic being wouldn’t have been shocked had they read the book. The being takes the shape of the victim’s worst fears. Fair warning – there is a lot of cussing, this is coming from a person who got sent home in the 3rd grade for dropping the f-bomb 😛 (more on this later) That said; Derry, Maine is being tormented by a sadistic, shape-shifting being, a young boy (Georgie) is coerced into the sewer and killed while chasing a paper boat that his older brother Bill made for him. This is the first time that we see the being in the form of Pennywise, The Dancing Clown. Side note – I don’t think that he ever dances in the movie…? Billy, befriends a group of misfits (Ben, Eddie, Beverly, Richie & Stanley) each is dealing with issues at home, they form a kid-gang, The Losers Club. As far as child actors go, this cast is stacked and you will see a few familiar faces. Pennywise presents himself to each member of the club in a bizarre series of events. The club eventually adopts another member, Mike, after saving him from some super sadistic bullies. When they start sharing their encounters with the demonic being, they come to realize that he has been in Derry before and that he resurfaces to pick off children every 30 years. The kids venture down to the sewer and beat the Dickens out of Pennywise but enter into a pact that they will return to vanquish the demon should he return again.



Of course he does, following the mysterious death of a young girl, the Losers leave their adult lives to come and battle Pennywise again but the gang doesn’t all make it out alive this time around. There are some happy endings and a corny, bicycle riding montage (my personal favourite scene). Critics say that this adaptation isn’t all that scary and it is a bit corny but it still has a creep factor to it – when Pennywise transforms into his more demonic clown self it is pretty scary. Also, if I was in the bathroom and blood came spewing up from the drain – I would be terrified. Or show me the person who would keep their cool while being attacked by shower heads – sure, it doesn’t rely heavily on special effects or gore but it is still scary in its own way. Tim Curry was just in face paint (and his own hair), his acting in this role is mesmerizing and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else in it. Eh, it might not be for everyone but I think everyone should see it once in their lifetime.

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First Impression Friday – Fenty Beauty

What haven’t you heard about this brand, probably nothing? Do I have any new insights to share, probably not. Honestly,  I don’t often go in for the celebrity beauty brands – I prefer established brands with a reputation for quality. I appreciate that this brand didn’t release a ton of random products all at once, it was a curated collection of face products followed by a holiday collection. I also appreciate that the prices are not completely outrageous, they are on-par with high-end beauty brands. Some of these newer brands come out with products that can be quite spendy given the fact that they have no track record to back the cost. Those two factors and the mostly rave reviews convinced me to try a couple of things out but I did wait until the holiday collection released, today I am only talking about the foundation and gloss balm.



Neither of these are true first impressions, I have been using each of these for about a week but think that I have a decent opinion of each product at this point. To start, I have the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and I am just going to say it – this foundation is a disaster. The bottle is stunning, it is a sleek frosted bottle with a super nice pump. I picked up shade 110 that is supposed to be very fair with cool undertones which is pretty much what I would go for in any brand. The shade is so white that I would probably be able to use it as a mixing medium – I was advised to get the lighter shade as this foundation is supposed to darken after application. I was a little worried about this, when pinkier foundations darken they can get real orange but I was willing to give it a try. Plot twist – this foundation didn’t darken on me, it just stayed white and chalky. The texture of this foundation was fairly thick when first pumped out but it wasn’t terribly hard to get it blended out. Although, I did notice that this product has to be pressed and worked into the skin, it doesn’t provide a quick and flawless application. Coverage was – meh. I tried with and without concealer, I prefer it with concealer and this did help the shade a bit too. I just don’t like the way my skin looks with this foundation, it looks dry and crepe-y especially around my mouth and under my eyes. I tried using heavier moisturizers to ensure that my skin was really well prepped but this didn’t help. The heavier the cream, the harder it was to get this foundation to set down and the more powder I had to use. Setting sprays caused the same issue, the foundation became too wet and wouldn’t set. Once it is on, you can’t touch it – if my hair touched my face or if I tried to touch up during the day, I found that the foundation would totally pick up and leave bare patches. I have tried a ton of my fav primers and just didn’t find one that really worked well with this product, I didn’t purchase the Fenty primer because I literally have like a dozen primers. Would I purchase the primer? I mean, maybe but not any time soon and I don’t think that I should need to purchase an additional product to make one product work. You get a little over an ounce of product for $34 which isn’t bad, this foundation is offered in 40 shades.



Now to a product that I am obsessed with, the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzier which is stunning and my new favourite high-shine lip product. The component is stunning, I don’t have a pic because I left it at work – clearly a sign that I am going to need a back-up! This gloss comes in one, universally flattering rose nude and I don’t know why it is so glorious but I love it. That little bit of colour is just enough to finish a look. It isn’t too sticky, provides moisture, it isn’t gritty – it is just perfect. I personally think it smells like cherry Kool-Aid but I don’t know if that was what they were going for, I like it – the scent reminds me of my childhood. I love this gloss, I do think it is something special and unlike anything that I have used before. I need one for everything in my life, this retails at $19 for .3 ounces and it is worth it.


Those are the two products that I tried from the initial launch, I might go back for the primer but I am skeptical of it making the foundation any better. I have not played with the holiday pieces that I picked up yet but will post when I do! What have you tried from the line?

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31 Nights of Horror – The House of the Devil

This is a modern slasher flick that takes place in the 1980’s, the movie was shot on 16 mm. film so that it actually looks aesthetically similar to the original 1970’s and 80’s horror films. I didn’t know this, the BF explained this to me being the actual film buff in the household. Anyway, the movie is about a college student, Samantha, who is trying to make the deposit on her rental home. She is contacted by the Ulman’s for a babysitting gig, they fail to show up to meet Samantha but contact her again apologizing and offering her double the money to babysit for them. Horror Buff Pro-Tip: If someone is plying you with cash that hard, get out of there. She agrees to babysit for them and convinces her friend Megan to drive her out to the Ulman’s creepy, secluded, menagerie of a house. On their arrival, Samantha is informed that she won’t be watching a child but an elderly woman instead – she almost bails but decides to stay after the couple offers to pay her even more money. Megan is reluctant to leave Samantha and is suspicious about the situation but leaves Samantha on her own with plans to pick her up later in the evening. Megan never makes it back, she is killed by a stranger while smoking a cigarette.


Back at the house, Samantha orders a pizza and discovers some strange things in the house. She thinks that the Ulman’s murdered the people who used to live in the house based on some photographs that she finds. Queue the pizza boy who turns out to be the same guy who murdered Megan. The pizza is drugged – saw that coming and Samantha passes out and awakes to being tied up in the middle of a pentagram. The Ulman’s, the pizza boy who turns out to be their son and the disgusting elderly mother (I am serious, total gag) commence a bizarre ritual once a lunar eclipse begins. Samantha is forced to drink blood and just when you think that she is going to die – she escapes. Mr. Ulman chases her outside of the house and into a field, he tells her that she is chosen. Samantha, brandishing a gun threatens to shoot him and he is chill with that, then she turns the gun on herself much to his horror. The closing scene is Samantha in a hospital, heavily bandaged with a nurse telling her that she will be just fine, they both will. She’s probably gonna’ have Satan’s baby.



This is another movie that doesn’t give everything away and capitalizes on the fear of the unknown. I love the throwback feel, the occult aspect and atmosphere – worth a watch!

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Halloween Tag!

Like I needed another reminder that the internet is a dangerous, dangerous place – I was vegging in front of the computer last night and watched this compilation of people who had been turned into memes and how it basically ruined their lives. I ignorantly thought that the people who were the subject of the meme had willingly provided their image – not the case. In several for instances, the person’s image had been borrowed (stolen) by a random person from their Facebook, Myspace, etc and used for a meme. I just never thought that was the case, maybe because I use a lot of self-deprecating humor and would probably turn myself into a meme. I don’t know what my point is here, I am going to avoid memes with photos of actual people – it was just so sad to see these people talk about how much they hated being a viral meme.

I found a Halloween tag because I haven’t blabbed on about Halloween enough, obviously. I pulled the questions out of a super old Buzzfeed thread but if I can find the original creator, I will link them. That site is such a wormhole sometimes, these threads get out of hand but I am still addicted. To the tag!

Gypsy Curse

Halloween Parts I & II – I am not cheating here, the second film picks up right where the first one leaves off so if you watch them back to back it is like watching one long movie. Definitely recommend, I won’t get too much into them as these will be my final post for 31 Nights of Horror. Stay tuned!

Gypsy Curse

Pfffft! 1-10 is for losers, like a 15. I look forward to the holiday all year, I was not that into it when I was a kid but have really come into my element since having my own household and being able to decorate and do whatever I want. Probably the only aspect of being an adult that lives up to the hype.

Gypsy Curse

Hmmmmm, I think that I have already shared that my mother was maniacally religious so we didn’t do a whole lot for the holiday. I was also dedicated to having the stomach flu right near Halloween when I was a kid, I do recall one Halloween though where my sister also had the stomach flu and yakked in her candy bag (not a fond memory for her, also – who does that. SAVE THE CANDY). I gave her my candy but not because I am a good person, I am allergic to most candy but I dunno, she was really appreciative. Does the count!?

Gypsy Curse

I was a creepy kid, so it suited me but like I said – I have really gone overboard as an adult and it is so much fun because then you get to ensure that little kids get to have a great time. Also, growing up poor with 6 siblings – we didn’t feel poor on Halloween. We could get as creative as we wanted to with just what we had at home and our group costumes were epic.

Gypsy Curse

I throw out a couple of black-flame candles, host a seance or two – you know, just your basic stuff. Honestly, I start baking – I know that this is more traditional for Thanksgiving/Christmas but it just kicks off the season for me. I also start using a ton of fall scented candles and air fresheners, decorations, trolling the craft stores…just so many ways.

Gypsy Curse

Anything vintage from the 40’s & 50’s – I have dropped some serious ching on vintage decorations because they are so freaking creepy. Halloween was way more terrifying back in the day, even the cutesy stuff is terrifying. I like subtle decor, basically just pieces that add a Halloween vibe but that don’t look nuts if I pull them out at the end of July. Glitter – if it is coated in glitter then I am probably buying it.

Gypsy Curse

Anything spicy – I am burning cinnamon and vanilla candles right now. Clove, cardamom – just anything with spice.

Gypsy Curse

Dots – because I am not allergic to them. It’s total old people candy but I love them, the green are my favourite.

Gypsy Curse

Vampires – duh. You get to live forever, you become a total fox, you can wear velvet seemingly all of the time, cloaks.

Gypsy Curse

Coraline – I hate that movie, I can sit and watch horror movie for hours and they don’t phase me but I cannot watch that movie in its entirety. It just gives me the total creeps, I know that it isn’t a real life fear but it is the first thing that comes to mind.

Gypsy Curse

Yes, absolutely. I won’t get into it but yes.

I would love it if others would do this tag, if you aren’t in the Halloween mood already – it will definitely help ❤

Cheersto fortyyears

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31 Nights of Horror – The Birds

Another Hitchcock but what can I say? Nobody does it better. This is a 1963 horror/thriller starring Tippi Hedren as a declasse socialite, Melanie Daniels and Rod Taylor as a dashing lawyer, Mitch Brenner. Mitch knows Melanie by reputation but they officially meet in a bird store where Mitch is trying to purchase a pair of love birds for his sister’s birthday. The shop has none but Melanie purchases the birds elsewhere and sets out to deliver them to Mitch’s family home. He catches her before she can depart from the island where he lives, and she is attacked by a seagull. Melanie is invited to dinner and meets Mitch’s mother and younger sister. The next day she also attends the sister’s birthday party where the party-goers are set upon by a pack of seagulls.


Killer birds admittedly aren’t that scary, until Lydia (Mitch’s mother) discovers a neighbor who has been attacked and had his eyes pecked out. One of the scariest scenes from this movie is when Melanie goes to collect Cathy (younger sister) at school and a flock of crows, or a murder is amassing on the power lines and all around the school house. The birds descend on the children and injure several, it turns out that birds everywhere are acting strangely and aggressively. There’s a gas pump explosion, birds smashing through windows, it is all around insanity. What makes this movie even more unsettling is that the killer birds issue is never resolved, the family and two lovebirds are seen driving through an asinine amount of birds, heading to the hospital but we don’t know what happens after that! I think they all died and birds took over the world. What I also found interesting about this movie is that there weren’t any birds of prey; hawks, falcons, eagles, etc that one would know are dangerous- there were just seagulls, crows, sparrows – killer sparrows?! I quit. This movie also includes my favourite Hitchcock cameo, he is walking his two little dogs out of the pet store. Another classic, not your traditional slasher but those birds hold their own.



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Wednesday Reveal – October Glambag

If I have one pet-peeve in the entire world, it’s being called a millennial. Personally, I think that 1982-2004 is ridiculously long for a generation. The Baby Boomer generation is only 18 years and Gen-X is only 14! I feel that there should be an additional generation for us younger people given the advances in technology. I still remember VHS, I owned cassette tapes, I used floppy discs, I experienced a classroom without computers – final draft would just be a cursive written document. And frankly, I have very little in common with people born in the late 90’s/00’s. The millennial thing really gets under my skin. I am not good with computers because I am a millennial, I apply myself – I have had to learn these things to keep up. I know who Bob Dylan is because I understand that there is an entire world outside of the scope of my existence. I read books, watch the news and documentaries, listen to the radio and stay curious. Shocking. Does this bother anyone else who has been randomly called a millennial, seemingly like it is an insult? Also, I love that this is thrown out by Baby Boomers and Gen-X’ers, so either you raised all of us entitled shit-heads or you didn’t…

Anyway, my October Ipsy arrived and I wasn’t that into it when I saw the reveal and have to say that the contents didn’t really grow on me either 😦 I love the bag design, it is very Interview with the Vampire – it is a crimson red with lace detail. Here is what came in my bag:


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion – I feel as though I have received a black eye pencil in each of my bags this month. I wear black liner but it isn’t my go to, it can look bizarre with how fair my skin is. Also, I don’t love this formula – I only own a couple of these pencils but they are very skippy and tend to transfer so this will be a gift-away.

Cute Balms Lip Balm in Vanilla – This is lightweight, multi-purpose balm for lips, cuticles, hair – pretty much anything that needs some moisture. The tub is a little macaroon, it is very vanilla scented but doesn’t have a flavour as far as I can tell. I go through so much lip stuff, I will put this to good use.

tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara – This is a deluxe sample size, not bad – I do like this mascara. It is a vegan formula that is supposed to lengthen, curl, volumize and condition the lashes. I will use this up!


Hey Honey Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer – This is hydrating under-eye concealer that is supposed to treat dark circles while covering them. It is formulated with Vitamin E, Amino Acids and nourishing oils. I am interested in trying this, I think that I received a balm from this brand before and used it up so I hope this is a winner too.

DOUCCE Freematic Highlighter in Solstice – I have something to say about highlighters. Over them. The beauty industry is so saturated with highlighter and I am over them, highlighter in person looks bizarre. It might look fabulous on HD cameras under studio lights but in person, pass. Just stop. I almost exclusively use highlighter as eye-shadow or I put it on under my blush but I don’t use it often. This is a champagne, gold shade that will make a lovely eye-shadow 😛


I had to darken the filter on these photos so that the lace would show up, it is way cuter is person! What did you get in your bag?

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31 Nights of Horror – The Witches of Eastwick

Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer – I mean, drop the mic right there. Three single, jaded ladies who don’t know that they are witches accidentally form a coven. Can this be my life? Just gettin’ together with the ladies and we find out that we are a coven and accidentally hex people. Anyway, the trio lives in Eastwick, Rhode Island, a peaceful, white-picket fence town until Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) moves to town to shake it up. He purchases a town landmark, the Lennox Mansion that is rumored to have been built on the site where witches had been burned. Daryl pursues the ladies and invites them to spend time at his mansion. The ladies discover their powers in a fit of jealousy and decide to share Daryl. This would only happen to Jack Nicholson.



Daryl uses the trio to wreak havoc on the townspeople and they decide to separate themselves from him in the wake of an accidental death. D (the Devil, we know by now that is Satan) unleashes snakes, premature aging and chronic pain on them ultimately driving them back under his control. They decide to use their powers against him and invoke voodoo magic to banish him from the town. Daryl doesn’t go down without a fight but the witches eventually prevail. In the closing scene we see that each of the women have a new baby (I didn’t get this) and they are living in Daryl’s mansion.



It’s campy and an overall fun time. I like Nicholson in most anything and Susan Sarandon’s sex goddess transformation is second to none.

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