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    Kitchen Tour

    So, you guys want to see my kitchen? Cool, because I literally have nothing else to talk about tonight and I just cleaned the shit out of it. Can I really  call it a tour if it’s only 50 square feet of space? I love my kitchen, it’s not to everyone’s taste – very flea market chic, heavy on the kitsch but I like it. I don’t like how modern it is, my dream is to a) own a well-maintained home that was built in 50’s or b) build a customized replica. The colours and shapes from that era appeal to me for some reason, I have been feeling the…

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    Summer Intentions

    Does that title make any sense? I dunno, I don’t love the term ‘Bucket List,’ I get the meaning of it but I don’t like thinking of life’s tasks as a to-do list before death. The morbid reality of life aside, I have some things that I want to check off my list this summer – nothing monumental because #work #costoflivingisgettingseriouslyoutofhand but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good summer! Preferably near the Boundary Waters but local would be fun too – I really enjoy camping, it’s nice to get out in nature and away from traffic and people. Even a 3 day weekend up North…

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    I am contemplating starting Boxycharm again because the June box looks pretty great and includes the Reina Del Caribe palette that I had on my recent wish list. The full spoilers for one of the boxes included a charcoal pencil and OFRA lipstick which I would not use but could give away. We’ll see, I have a hankering for a beauty box of some kind so I will have to keep an eye out for something special – let me know if you are trying anything awesome lately that you would recommend. Thanks for stopping by <3

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    Top Ten Tuesday – Binge Worthy Television

    Top Ten Tuesday is a Reddit classic but usually pretty specific to music, I will just be talking about whatever I want in this series; could be beauty, music, books, clothing – you get the idea. Today’s top ten will be my most binged shows and ones that I feel are worth your time (and emotional) commitment. Gilmore Girls – Of course this show was everything when I was a tween and then heading to college but I took a chance on a re-watch this winter and it is still just as good as it was then. It is the perfect mix of idyllic fantasy and reality, there’s a lot of…

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    Monday Must Have – Lash Tonic

    Ah, Monday – the fascist dictator of the week, so terrible that it even ruins part of Sunday. Today’s must have product is DHC’s Eyelash Tonic that I have been using for some time now, I picked it up when I started wearing false lashes more frequently and it has become a part of my evening routine. This tonic claims to strengthen and condition lashes so that they not only appear fuller but are overall healthier. It is formulated with a number of botanicals, aloe, ginseng root extract and olive leaf extract. I tend to be drawn to olive products because they are really good for the skin/hair and I…

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    Stranger Things Tag!

    If you don’t know, which you probably do given the amount of times that I have mentioned it, I am a huge fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Season one is definitely my fave, I think that the story line gets a little messy in the second season but it’s still pretty great. The BF rags on the show because of how much of the content appears to be lifted from various popular movies and shows from the 70’s and 80’s and I think that this contributes to why I like it – it feels like something from my childhood. Alleged plagiarism aside, I am anxiously awaiting season three…

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    May Trash Talk

    I am changing the title of my monthly empties posts to Trash Talk because it’s corny and vaguely 90’s. I am not going to post my faves for May because I only had two products that were new to my faves and all of the others, I had definitely posted about before – I will just save everything for June! I didn’t have too bad of a month for using things up in May and am slowly but surely reducing my products which feels great. Let’s get started! Wet ‘n Wild PhotoFocus Matte Primer – I think this is a great everyday, lightweight primer that provides a decent amount of…

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    First Impression Friday – CosRX One Step Moisture Up Pads

    It’s more skincare! Are we shocked? I so far have not tried a single product from CosRx that I haven’t liked which is pretty major seeing as how my skin can react really poorly to new products for literally no reason. Nothing that I have tried from this brand has given me any issues! I have been using the One Step Original Clear Pads and these have been awesome at keeping my skin clear especially from blackheads which can be very stubborn to get rid of. I really love these and am keeping them in my routine but wanted to try the Moisture Up Pads because these have the added…

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    100+ Beauty Questions Tag: Part III

    Here is the third and final part of the 100+ Beauty Tag, I really had a lot of fun doing this and would love to hear other’s responses so let me know if you do it!! Super black and makes my lashes phat. Sure have and it was a waterproof mascara at that, it adhered to my eyeball and I had specks for most of the day – it makes me wonder what is in waterproof mascara? I have been loving gloss lately and do like to put some over lipstick, I think it is OK to be a little messier when wearing it this way. Both! It is a…

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    100+ Beauty Questions Tag: Part II

    Here is the next batch of questions from the 100+ Beauty Tag that I saw first on lifewithlilred – let’s get to it! It was a Neutrogena tinted powder that they don’t make anymore and I wish they did because it was such a good powder, I would absolutely love to use it again! Hate is a pretty strong word and a pretty strong feeling to have about some complete strangers makeup. If there is some who could enhance their features more with more polished makeup, Lena Dunham but I don’t hate her for her unique makeup 😀 Never. Bronzer! Even if you are pasty pale like me, bronze that…