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Anti-Haul Spring Collections Edition

I feel like I just stopped receiving emails about holiday sales and after-holiday sales and blah, blah, blah and now I am getting Spring collection emails! Side note, it feels Spring’ish here – we’re at a balmy 37 degrees and after the sub-zeros it feels amazing but also concerns me. It is supposed to rain tonight and then freeze over before it snows, it’s going to be so fantastic. I have to be honest, Spring collections never interest me because of the obligatory pastels and pinks – there are some unique collections coming out this season but here are all of the beauties that I am passing on:

Oh, Chanel, I am a Chanel perfume junkie and have only dabbled in their makeup line. Their releases tend to look lovely but not enough so for me to sink my cash on anything. Their Spring collection actually feels more like a Fall release and I feel that all of the bits would be dupable with products that I already own – there isn’t anything special about it. Also, a blue lip gloss?! Who is wearing a $30 blue lip gloss!

The UD x Kristen Leanne Collection is such a huge disappointment! I was hyped for this collection, Kristen Leanne is such a unique, free-spirit and when I saw this collection I didn’t get it. It looks too cutesy with the frosting and the hearts, it kinda’ reminds me of Lime Crime but more childish? I do like the single eyeshadow but the collection is otherwise a pass for me.

I have heard that TooFaced will be releasing some 20th Anniversary products, if they haven’t already, I feel like they just pumped out a slew of new items. I don’t know what the collection entails but in the meantime I am skipping on their 3rd peach palette. Yes, their third one. I mean, I think the packaging is stunning but WTF is a White Peach? It is a meh palette to me, pretty boring.


Givenchy has a new collection coming out, I tend to think that their collections are stunning but this one seems like a random hodge-podge of mostly hideous stuff. I mean, what is this eyeshadow compact…?

Finally, another heartbreaker, the Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Eyeshadow Pallete that I would never use and feel that this is yet another departure from what the brand is known for. What is with all of the classic, iconic brands releasing these on-trend, generic products? I am sure that the quality is amazing, I just don’t need it and wouldn’t use it.


There are plenty of new releases that I am excited for; NARS, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior have all teased some new items and I cannot wait for the launches! What are you eyeing this Spring?

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Love Your Skin Event!

If you didn’t know, which I didn’t know until today – ULTA has a new rewards level – Diamond and I don’t know if I am excited about it or not. This is about to get real first world whiny so tap at now if you don’t have time for it! As Platinum, I only have to spend $450 to reap the benefits, I figured that the new level would probably be at the $900-$1000 level but $1200?! I feel that’s a bit of a leap! The benefits also aren’t terribly exciting, .25 increase on points accrual, free shipping on orders of $25 or more and a $25 salon rewards card. I mean, some interesting rewards but just not excited about them. I feel that I get plenty of rewards at Platinum, for half the amount of money spent and I am just not interested. I do almost all of my beauty shopping at ULTA and I get my hair done there so chances are I could reach the new level but I won’t be striving to do so and I am kinda’ disappointed. Oh well, they are currently running their Love Your Skin Event and there are deals to be had! I picked up some staples, only one of which was on sale but the others were replacements:

Today’s deal is a product that I love to have in my cabinet but it’s expensive, Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel and this product is part of the Skin Event for half off! This is a gel product that your rub into your skin until it starts to pill up. This product annihilates dead skin and leaves your skin so smooth and bright. It is formulated with pineapple which, I have been enjoying in my skincare products because it is fantastic at peeling my face and I am a fan of peeling my face.


Shiseido is not part of the event this year which is kind of a bummer but I needed more of the Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion. I use this as a night crème because I hate night crèmes that feel too heavy and oily which, they all seem to. This is a very light-weight product that hydrates as well as those heavy duty night crème products but I don’t feel it. And of course, I needed more of these completely ridiculous face cotton 😛


There are some great products that are on mega-sale as part of the event, if you are looking for new skincare – now is that time!

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You’re Just Some Products That I Used to Love

Do you remember that song? That terrible, melancholy song that everyone and their brother was singing for months. It made you feel terrible, you weren’t sure why – do artists set out to make people cry? The only other more gut-wrenching song that comes to mind is that Goodbye My Lover song, talk about a day ruiner. Anyway, one of my fave YouTubers recently posted a video about her least favourite products and was called out in the comments by a subscriber who remembered that one of the products had been included in another video and given a good review like 3 years ago. I just have some advice for this person, step away from the internet. Go outside. Preferences change, every time that I do a declutter, I find products that I cannot believe that I used to love and I though I’d share a few today!

Urban Decay De-Slick and All-Nighter Setting Sprays – These were some of the first setting sprays that I used, they are hugely popular but I don’t like the way that my makeup looks when I use them. These sprays cause my foundation to crack, it doesn’t crease but it’s like all of the moisture gets sucked right off my face. They are uncomfortable and  now that most brands have setting sprays out there, I have found others that work much better for me.


Wet ‘n w Wild Photo Focus Foundation – Just about everyone went wild for this foundation, myself included but I don’t find myself reaching for it as much as I did when I first purchased it. The shade is perfect, the coverage is great but there’s just something about the way that it sets on my skin that I don’t like. It doesn’t meld with my skin or something, it looks like I am wearing a ton more foundation than I am even though I only needed 2-3 drops to do my whole face.


NYX Liquid Lingerie – This is another one of those products that hasn’t stood the test of time only because there have been so many great liquid lippies flood the market, I used to really enjoy these lippies but after trying ones that are so much more comfortable, I never wear these.


TheBalm Cindy and Mary Lou – Two products that I have listed as favourites before but now I find them lacking. I think that this formula is a tad dry and crumbly in comparison to many of the highlighters out there. I still use these, I take a spoolie and scrape the product up then use a powder brush – it works but I wouldn’t repurchase these.


Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional – This primer just doesn’t get along with my skin any longer, it definitely clogs my pores and makes my face incredibly dry. Nothing against the product, it does erase pores and smooths the skin, it doesn’t agree with me.


I wouldn’t say that any of these are bad products, they no longer suit my needs. I also think that as more companies release variations of the same products that they are only going to keep getting better and some old faves are going to be shelved. With so many new products being released, it’s inevitable that we are going to discover new must-haves and it isn’t deceptive or dishonest- it’s human nature!

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New Affordable Beauty

It’s no secret that I am a fan of drugstore beauty and there have been so many new products at the drugstore recently, I haven’t been able to resist! I have a handful of new products that I am excited to talk about!

The Infallible Pro-Matte and Pro-Glo foundations were both hits for me, when I saw that the Infallible line was releasing two new primers, I figured that I had to try them. I purchase them on BOGO, they retail at 12.99 each.


I already talked about one of these blushes from FLOWER Beauty, I also picked up Peach Primrose and their two new Seal the Deal setting sprays. One is a matte finish and the other is dewy, I don’t know what I think of these yet – the mist is so fine that I don’t even feel the product on my face. I will keep trying them though!



Maybelline released a new foundation – with a pump! I have heard good things about their new Super Stay Full-Coverage Foundation and perused the full display, I had a hard time picking a shade because the lights in ULTA made the 3 lightest look virtually the same. This is the problem that I had with Shape Tape, like 4 of the shades looked the same to me. Anyway, I picked Porcelain and Natural Ivory – we will see what happens. Online reviews are overwhelmingly good. Lastly, I repurchased a product that I do like but can never find and it is the Wet ‘n Wild PhotoFocus Face Primer. I don’t like the new tube, the black, matte tube makes me think that the product won’t be the lotion-y, lightweight yet mattifying product that it was. All they did was change the colour of the tube, when I see products in darker package though it makes feel that they are going to be heavy duty. Like baby products being packaged in pastels, does that make any sense?


That’s it but there are so many new things to try, I had to exercise some self-control and I was supposed to be grocery shopping 😛

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Super Luminous with L’Oreal

I found myself in an absurd situation this morning, I was checking out with some sweatpants and the cashier asked me if they were for me and when I said yes, she said that they weren’t my size. Which, they weren’t – I buy sweats like 3 sizes bigger than my pant size because if I am wearing them I am probably sitting at home, watching Unsolved Mysteries and not giving a fuck and I don’t want them to fit. I explained this to her, sans the profanity and she still wasn’t convinced that I wanted those sweatpants, that I was really going to go home and wear them. She suggested that I try them on, who tries on a $6 pair of sweats?! Honestly, thanks for taking an interest in my leisure wear  but I am never going to go through a cashier line again, I am using the robots even if they go against everything I believe in.


I added this Glotion from L’Oreal to my Best of December list and thought I would share a little more about them since I have been using them quite often this last month. These claim to be hydrating but I don’t find them to be hydrating enough to use as a moisturizer and I use them as a makeup base. They are super luminous and under foundation they impart a dewy, lit from within glow. This product also does a nice job of smoothing my fine lines and blurring imperfections, I would potentially wear them all on their own but they are a tad too luminous for that. They come in 4 shades, I have the two lightest and one is a bit too bronzy for me at the moment but I will use it in the summer. I think these are lovely, they do a fantastic job of perking up my complexion and they work with every foundation that I have tried them with. I definitely recommend if your skin is looking a little dull from the effects of winter!


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Charlotte Tilbury Glowy Base Products

I started watching How To Get Away With Murder, I am hooked – this is why I can’t watch television! The plot is mostly wildly unrealistic but it is one plot twist after another and Viola Davis is everything. It makes me want to go to Law School but somehow I doubt that it is this salacious and I am probably too old now 😛


I have a few products today from my Charlotte Tilbury orders, I am going to break the products out over a couple of posts. I have been using these on and off over the past few weeks, one was an immediate hit and the other two I was a tad underwhelmed. To start, I have the Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation in shade number 2. I have seen this foundation used in so many tutorials and it looked stunning and easy to use. It honestly appeared to be the secret to flawless, glowing skin in a few swipes. Unfortunately, this foundation required a bit more finessing for me to make it wearable. I prefer medium-full coverage foundations and knew that this was more of a tint, the coverage is very sheer but with concealer it looks fine. That isn’t my issue with it, this foundation is very patchy and just made my skin look odd and uneven. It doesn’t work with just any primer, I have only managed to make it look nice with a really pore-filling product which kinds of defeats the purpose of wanting a lightweight foundation. It also doesn’t work with just any tool, I can only apply this product with one brush in my collection. If I can get it to work, I do like the glowy finish and overall wear but that’s a big if. The shade is nice, I like the squeeze tube but for $46, I just don’t want to have to try so hard to make a product work.


The immediate hit for me and something that has become a staple in my daily routine is the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand. I swore off liquid highlights, they don’t work for me, they tend to patch up my foundation and cause bald spots not matter how I apply them. This highlighter feels almost whipped and it is so easy to use. I can apply over or under powder and it doesn’t mess up my makeup. I don’t put the applicator right on my skin but I do like the plush, squeezy applicator and overall component. It is a lovely champagne highlight that looks and feels great on the skin.


Finally, we have the Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder in number 1. The compact is stunning, it feels so decadent and has a very nice mirror for touch-ups. The powder itself is interesting and I am not reaching for it as much as I thought I would. Again, this is a very hyped product and I expected great things. The product doesn’t feel like any other powder that I have ever used – it feels a bit emollient and waxy which makes sense because it is formulated with rose wax and almond oil. I like the way that this product feels, it really does feel like cashmere for the skin but I don’t think it does anything. It’s like it is too lightweight – it doesn’t brighten or smooth the complexion as it claims and feels like another step to my makeup that I don’t need. Even if I use it to kick-off bake, it doesn’t make any noticeable difference to my face. For $45, I would definitely need to love it to make a repurchase and I am still on the fence.


It kinda’ sucks when you think that you are going to love something and it turns out to be pretty meh but I can definitely use these up and I am obsessed with the highlighting wand. Have you tried any of these?

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Itching for a New Tattoo!

I have lived in Minnesota now for 12 years, I had no intention of staying after I graduated but ended up getting a great job and just did. One thing that I will never get used to is the way that Minnesotans give directions, It’s on the southwest corner of where the Ace Hardware that was torn down in 1972 was located which is kitty corner to what used to be Dayton’s. Oh, but you weren’t here when Dayton’s existed. I don’t know where that is, nobody knows where that is. Just give me the cross streets or literally any currently existing landmark. I think it’s passive aggressive, no matter how long you live here – if you weren’t born here, you aren’t a Minnesotan and they’ll take the time to remind you of that. Mostly by giving you completely asinine directions and probably hoping that you get lost along the way. Thanks, I’ll Google it.

I think that I am getting a tattoo for my birthday and I am going to go real cliche and get something with my zodiac which is weird since I am not super into that stuff but it is fitting. I have been looking through Pinterest for some inspiration and here is what I am liking so far:

I hate the idea of walking into a shop and just showing them something that I printed off the internet so I might do a mash-up of a bigger one and add small details. I can draw enough to get it done. I am a little hesitant to get a full-on goat because my mother (who was a religious zealot) was convinced that the literal, modern day interpretation of Mark of the Beast was actually referring to all tattoos. Don’t ask me how she came to that conclusion but she was convinced this was the case. I am a little hesitant because goats do have roots to being a form of Satan and if my mom was right, I’d be screwed. Odd that I am not even religious and yet these superstitions still plague me. Also, aside from the horns, these look like kelpies which were thought to be demons – I better just skip the astrological aspect all together 😀 Are tattoos sacrilegious? Give me your thoughts…

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