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    First Impression Friday – Glossier

    It’s June 15th, people, Incredibles II came out today and you better believe that I will be pushing little kids down in the theater tonight. Also, I don’t want to hear any crying or whining from any kids who can’t respect the sanctity of this film, I will be shushing so fair warning. Seriously though, is anyone else super jazzed that this finally came out?! Too bad I am so responsible, should’ve cut work – I hope my employer appreciates this sacrifice. I woke up early so that I could take some photos of my makeup but it was thunder-storming and I gave up on a good shot but I…

  • Makeup

    Glossier Haul

    Glossier – the brand that I am not nearly cool enough to use but keeps sucking me in with their flawless marketing and minimal chic aesthetic. Just take my money. I have been waiting to use up the rest of my tube of Boy Brow before I placed an order for their new mascara, it’s been a tense few weeks as I was sure that it would sell out but I was in luck. There were also a couple of new products that I have been waiting to try and some of them I anti-hauled but purchased anyway because I’m a jackass. Judge me later, let’s get to the goodies!!…

  • Random


    I was driving by a school today, the kids (not my kids, other people’s kids) are out for the summer and I realized that an empty school building looks eerily like a prison. I never noticed this when there were kids running around or parents shuttling to and from, it was somewhat startling. I guess it makes some sense as they are all public institutions so maybe it is the no-frills, beige exteriors and boring architecture that fostered this association. Remove the freedom, the laughter, the bustle and voila – children’s prison. In the US, you do get sentenced to 18 years of public education that at times, does feel…

  • Top Ten Tuesday

    Top Ten Tuesday – Unnecessary Things I Spend Money On

    Since I have been trying to reduce the material things in my life, I have a heightened awareness of all of the crap that I don’t need but still buy. It is certainly hard to break the habit of consumerism especially when I live in close proximity to most anything – I need to move to the boonies, clearly. For the cost of two large coffees at most coffee chains, I can purchase an entire bag of coffee and home brew it. Getting take out coffee has become such a time killer for me since moving to the metro. If I am early or meeting up with someone, I just…

  • Skin Care

    Starting Tretinoin

    And I am absolutely terrified! Reason being is that my skin looks pretty flawless right now, or as close to it that it has been since having moved to a metro area which really freaked it out. I don’t eat dairy, meat or processed sugar and I drink my body weight in water so please, no helpful tips 🙂 Moving to a city where the air and water are chalk full of toxins, destroyed my skin and it has taken me years to get it back to a point where I feel good about not wearing foundation constantly. I am starting tretinoin as the first step in getting rid of…

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    Kitchen Tour

    So, you guys want to see my kitchen? Cool, because I literally have nothing else to talk about tonight and I just cleaned the shit out of it. Can I really  call it a tour if it’s only 50 square feet of space? I love my kitchen, it’s not to everyone’s taste – very flea market chic, heavy on the kitsch but I like it. I don’t like how modern it is, my dream is to a) own a well-maintained home that was built in 50’s or b) build a customized replica. The colours and shapes from that era appeal to me for some reason, I have been feeling the…

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    Summer Intentions

    Does that title make any sense? I dunno, I don’t love the term ‘Bucket List,’ I get the meaning of it but I don’t like thinking of life’s tasks as a to-do list before death. The morbid reality of life aside, I have some things that I want to check off my list this summer – nothing monumental because #work #costoflivingisgettingseriouslyoutofhand but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good summer! Preferably near the Boundary Waters but local would be fun too – I really enjoy camping, it’s nice to get out in nature and away from traffic and people. Even a 3 day weekend up North…

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    I am contemplating starting Boxycharm again because the June box looks pretty great and includes the Reina Del Caribe palette that I had on my recent wish list. The full spoilers for one of the boxes included a charcoal pencil and OFRA lipstick which I would not use but could give away. We’ll see, I have a hankering for a beauty box of some kind so I will have to keep an eye out for something special – let me know if you are trying anything awesome lately that you would recommend. Thanks for stopping by <3

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    Top Ten Tuesday – Binge Worthy Television

    Top Ten Tuesday is a Reddit classic but usually pretty specific to music, I will just be talking about whatever I want in this series; could be beauty, music, books, clothing – you get the idea. Today’s top ten will be my most binged shows and ones that I feel are worth your time (and emotional) commitment. Gilmore Girls – Of course this show was everything when I was a tween and then heading to college but I took a chance on a re-watch this winter and it is still just as good as it was then. It is the perfect mix of idyllic fantasy and reality, there’s a lot of…

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    Monday Must Have – Lash Tonic

    Ah, Monday – the fascist dictator of the week, so terrible that it even ruins part of Sunday. Today’s must have product is DHC’s Eyelash Tonic that I have been using for some time now, I picked it up when I started wearing false lashes more frequently and it has become a part of my evening routine. This tonic claims to strengthen and condition lashes so that they not only appear fuller but are overall healthier. It is formulated with a number of botanicals, aloe, ginseng root extract and olive leaf extract. I tend to be drawn to olive products because they are really good for the skin/hair and I…