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Breaking the Habit – Foundation Mask

I will preface this post by saying that everyone should wear their foundation the way that they like it and if you like it, that is all that matters. I have been a huge fan of the Beauty Blender since I started wearing liquid foundation again almost 6 years ago. Up to that point, I could not apply liquid foundation to my liking and had switched to mineral foundation. Recently I was watching Pixiwoo because I am obsessed with their channel and one of the gals mentioned how subscribers will critique how she is using the Real Techniques sponge by swiping it instead of bouncing it to apply foundation. The fact that she developed the sponge aside, she further explained the stippling technique and that bouncing is going to give you a ton of coverage, basically like a mask. This completely described how I have been feeling about my foundation for awhile now, it completely cancels out any natural colouring in my complexion and looks like a mask. Now that I have a lot more fine lines, I want less product on my face and I want more of my natural complexion to peek through. Obviously, I knew why I loved the BB – I used to need a lot more coverage and this is the easiest tool to achieve that. I didn’t know where to start with switching to a brush so I picked up The Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques and a MODA Complexion brush. Both of these are dense flat brushes that are supposed to be ideal for blending liquid foundation.


My first thoughts were, streaky and this is exactly the reason that I stopped using brushes. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, if I am pressing too hard or moving the product too much. Honestly, how many different ways are there to put product on your face? I didn’t notice that I was using any more or less product with a brush, each one dispersed the product fairly well. I prefer the thin layer of foundation that the brush lays down, I didn’t have to excessively blend around my mouth or hairline where foundation likes to settle. The MODA brush is a lot stiffer than the Real Techniques one and did apply maybe a tad more streaky. Switching seemed so easy but there is a bit of a learning curve, I have been using a damp sponge to even out any rough bits but overall, I like the way my skin looks using the brushes. I don’t see a lot of product migrating to my smile lines or t-zone, the pink in my cheeks peeks through and can be enhanced with blusher. I think it’s a fresher more youthful look than how I had been wearing my foundation. The sponges are great to have on hand for smoothing any mistakes and applying concealer but  I am loving the brushes so far!


How about you, are you a BB purist or a fan of brushes?

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What’s In My Bag?

I enjoy reading these posts but don’t think that I have ever done one before…? If I did, I don’t recall – these are my essential beauty products, most of these items are used daily and this is the bag that I know I can just grab and go with if I am in a hurry. My doughnut bag is  by Dabney Lee, I purchased it at Target, it reminded me of The Simpsons so I had to have it.


If I could pick two skincare items for the rest of my life, they would be the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye and Ultra and Ultra Facial Moisturizer. They are dependable products and perfect for everyday use, I don’t like to have a ton of skincare filling up my bag and these are perfect for on the go.


I have a couple of lip prep options, my favourite is Vaseline because I can wear this under lip colour and it doesn’t impact the wear. Balm Dotcom is pretty much great for everything, it is a multi-purpose balm that can be used most anywhere.


A few more skin prep items, I have my primer choice as of late – MAC Strobe Cream, this is a sample that I received and it’s great for dry skin. I have two PUR products, the pink one is an eye balm for more hydration and the white one is a mattifying stick that can be used to target shiny areas.


For actual complexion items, I have Shape Tape in way too many shades. I had a tough time finding my shade when this came out, hence why I have 3 tubes. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is still the best for under-eyes in my opinion and this is much easier to touch up with since the wand is so small.


I have a tube of the Infallible Pro-Glow and Pro-Matte, I have been mixing these two for a demi-matte finish. I like that these tubes are in a slim plastic tube and super easy to travel with. The Milk Blur setting spray isn’t my favourite but it is small and gets the job done when I need to revive my foundation. The spritzer is really nice on this bottle, I think that I will wash it and fill it with another spray when this is finished.


For setting powders, I have Dermablend as well as UD powder foundation to kick off my setting powder and to touch up during the day. The UD isn’t my favourite powder foundation, I bought a few too many of these on sale but have started noticing how crepe-y it can make my skin look. This is the last one to finish off before I can try a new powder foundation, look at that glorious pan.


I have two eye primers, the Maybelline Master Prime is great for brightening the eyelid before putting shadow on, it just has a hint of pigment. The UD Anti-Aging primer works really well for metallic and glitter shadows, it is sticky and lasts all day. The Mascara Melt Off is in my bag to clean up any mascara smudges and it can be used to take off a liquid lip if I want to change my lips.


I don’t carry a lot of eyeshadow with me, it isn’t something that I find myself needing to do anything with during the day. I have a pot of gel liner and one of crème shadow from Beauty Bakerie in my bag if needed.


I do have my favourite mascara and a lash primer just in case, usually for if I take off my lashes because I am going somewhere that doesn’t require them 😛


I have a few of my favourite Melt liners, a brow gel and pencil sharpener. This Essence pencil sharpener cost 99 cents, it is amazing.


And because you just never know when you are going to need a little more blusher, a couple of my go to Wet ‘n Wild cheek colours!


That’s what I keep in my bag for a quick face on the go! I don’t have one particular palette that is easy to take with me, the Chocolate Bar palette comes to mind or the original UD Naked – I need more quads for travel. Anyway, thanks for stopping by ❤


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Sample Saturday – tarte Rainforest of the Sea

tarte started dabbling in skincare some time ago, I am a big fan of a lot of their products but considered them a cosmetics brand rather than a skincare brand. One of my fav Yourtubers raves about a couple of their skincare items and when they popped up as 100 Point rewards at Sephora, I decided to go for it. I tried the Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost and Marine Boosting Mist. I still only have the sample size of the cream because I haven’t been using it a ton but I did purchase a full-size of the mist because I think it is really great.

The Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer is a gel moisturizer that is formulated with hyaluronic acid and electrolyte balancing sea salt. I don’t think I am sold on the sea salt bit however, hyaluronic acid does work really well for me. I break out easily if my skin care is too heavy, this is a potent moisturizing acid that is surprisingly light. It claims to be non-greasy, quick absorbing and plumping. This cream contains some interesting ingredients; algae, marine-flower extracts, hyaluronic acid and squalene – since we don’t know what their proprietary blends contain I can’t say how I feel about them but I do like this cream for the most part. It has a very refreshing citrus scent, it isn’t sticky or greasy and does provide a lot of hydration. I think it feels a tad heavier than a gel which is fine, my skin has become too dry to use gels like I used to and I like that this is a little richer. It doesn’t break me out, and my skin feels nice all day. My one complaint with this product is that it pills under makeup – I could see the cream bunching up around my nose, chin and forehead.


The mist shares the same scent as the cream and I love this mist for skin prep rather than setting spray. On their site this mist claims to be a 4-in-1 setting mist but I wasn’t crazy about how it made my makeup look. It definitely takes any powdery appearance away but it looked too dewy for my taste. This mist is formulated with lavender oil, coconut oil and orange peel – it makes my skin tacky and feel really hydrated. I love this mist, maybe not for its intended purpose but it’s a keeper in my skincare routine.


I do still think of tarte as a cosmetics brand but was impressed with these two skincare products. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying some other products from their skincare line and in fact, there is a mask that I am keen to try. The ingredients seem a bit trendy but they do contain some stuff that is actually effective – not a bad introduction to the line!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Anti-Haul #8

Well, the Christmas decorations are 3/4 of the way up. I hauled out the tree and took a branch to the face and accepted that as a sign that it was too soon. It’s up but I’ll wait a couple of hours days  to garnish it. I have to admit that I am a little shopped out, I got all of the my Christmas shopping done today, happy to report that I survived MOA. With all of the sales going on, I just feel a bit overwhelmed and thought that I am in the perfect mood for an Anti-Haul! Here are a few things that I am compelled to pass on but if you need them – go for it 😛

Tartlette Toasted Eyeshadow Pallete – You know me, I love warm toned palettes but I think that tarte missed the boat here, what terrible timing to release this palette. I cannot think of a brand that doesn’t have a palette that looks almost identical to this. I am also not a huge fan of tarte shadows, they are too powdery for me.


Atelier Santal Carmin Pure Perfume – This probably looks familiar, and it should, it was just on my VIB Wishlist and I went to pick it up today – it has a leather cap. I don’t do leather, I know that I don’t use all cruelty free brands but this seemed totally pretentious and completely turned me off to the product. It irritated me, it still does – I mean, why?


Golden State of Mind Eyeshadow Palette – I also checked this palette out while I was shopping today and it is just boring. I wasn’t impressed with the swatches and just have no idea what I would do with this. Also, it is all metallic shadows and I own too many already!


Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette – Why is the mirror in the middle? It’s like Urban Decay knew that they were releasing another metallic palette and the only bit of creativity they had was to put the mirror in the middle, it makes no sense.


Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice Lipstick Trio – The Queen’s gotta’ quit. How is this brand still a thing? I think the colour-changing cosmetics fad has long since sailed. None of these actually change colour but their products are so lack luster that I assume that is their one claim to fame. I just can’t imagine that I would wear any of these shades either.


These products just aren’t doing it for me, I think that brands are getting lazier and once something is wildly successful, they just keep doing the same thing with slight twists over and over. Am I wrong to think this? Is anyone else feeling a little uninspired by brands lately?

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Buzzfeed Fall Tag!

So, apparently the creators of Stranger Things are receiving some backlash over an unscripted kiss between Max and Lucas at the end of the season finale. Parents of America, are you high?! As a fan of the show who also understands the dangers of sexualizing children in the media, this was a sweet moment between two kids and nothing more. You see racier stuff in hamburger commercials (Paris Hilton + Carl’s Jr. circa 2005, specifically), if this is what people are worried about kids being exposed to – we have bigger issues. There were a handful of extremely violent scenes in season 2 that bothered me, a horror movie junkie and yet, I haven’t heard a peep about those. What does that say about our priorities as a society? Basically that we tolerate overt violence but not an innocent expression of childhood infatuation. Would you rather have your kids playing kiss tag (is that still a thing) or beating the snot out of one another? Just sayin’. Critics are saying that they are just kids and that’s right, they are, the interpretation of adult critics is not the fault of the children. If we, as a society are worried about kids being exposed to sex, maybe we should stop being totally obsessed with it ourselves. Sad, very sad and it speaks more about the people who are critical of the kiss than it does the creators of the show who, again, didn’t even have it written into the script.

I found this delightfully sarcastic list of questions about all things fall on Buzzfeed and though this is not a ‘tag’ I am treating it like one 😛

\Please Don't Take My Man*

Of course! Although, I do find that it is more of a city slicker thing to make an all-day production out of it. As a kid, we would fit in a day of apple picking, grocery shopping and whatever else but it was honestly just a stop on the list of things that we were doing that day. Something that you don’t hear a lot about when skimming through all of those Better Homes & Gardens worthy snaps – wormy apples. Legit my worst fear as a kid was biting into a wormy apple and I had to have all of my apples cut first. It happens people. Or the bloody chicken egg, been there too.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

They are for decor unless you want a shit tasting pumpkin pie, there are specific types of pumpkins that one uses for recipes as the taste is better and they aren’t so stringy. Also, you don’t usually want to use a really large pumpkin (like a carving pumpkin) for recipes as they tend to be bland. You can also get tiny stacks of hay in grocery stores, also just for decor.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

I would just like to point out that flannel is not the same thing as plaid which I think is actually what is being referred to here. Flannel is a great transition material for fall because it isn’t too heavy or too light and it can be layered – the weather is all over the place in MN in the fall months and it is just an easy fabric to wear.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

If you mean the actual fabric, hey, it is their business if they want to sweat their asses off in July. As for plaid, you might not see the black and red that most associate with fall all year-round but other color combos are worn all year. Hey, I never said it was fashionable.


\Please Don't Take My Man*

Eh, not really – not that I have noticed anyway. Also, if you have evergreen trees or the like, it doesn’t look so bare. If your neighbors don’t rake their leaves and then they mold it can be annoying.

\Please Don't Take My Man*


\Please Don't Take My Man*

It’s a no from me. Imagine the most cloying, sickly sweet thing that you have ever consumed and add about 8 more tablespoons of high fructose corn syrup and then just have a pumpkin somewhere in the vicinity for your Insta’ photo.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

\Please Don't Take My Man*

I don’t think that these things are synonymous, I have friends who could care less about Halloween but still do the pumpkin patch, apple picking and plaid wearing activities. I always associated fall with back to school, to me it is the season of new beginnings rather than spring. It just so happens that my favourite holiday falls within my favourite season but it would still be a big deal.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

Fall leaves because ‘Merica. For all of the self-aggrandizing jackasses who take to Twitter to talk about how autumn is derived from French/Latin and Americans are just uncouth morons, fall is derived from feallan which is Old English and means, to fall or to die. I mean, at least it was actually a word that was used in day to day vernacular whereas Autumn has a more ambiguous origin and it was Shakespeare who used it to describe a season.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

In Minnesota, yes but we called it simply leafing when I was growing up in Colorado and the tourists who came to our town were called leafers and yes, it was meant to be a tad derogatory.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

It’s just a maze cut into a cornfield, are you telling me that some countries don’t have corn mazes?! Fun story, just a couple of weeks ago a lady called to let the Parks & Rec department know that she had somehow managed to get a kernel lodged in her ear while going through a corn maze so heads up. Generally speaking, this won’t happen, some people just can’t handle the corn maze.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

Absolutely not, pumpkin stew is the perfect meal for cold winter weekends. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter, pumpkin chili, pumpkin ravioli – the possibilities are endless and what’s great about pumpkin is that it can be prepared in sweet or savory dishes.


\Please Don't Take My Man*

Plot twist, it isn’t in America either 😛 The canned pumpkin is mostly a blend of different squashes. If you want real pumpkin puree, you are hacking that baby up and doing it yourself.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

I mean, I change what I wear for fall mostly out of necessity. There are colours that I am partial to in the fall but I wouldn’t call it an aesthetic. Maybe in warmer climates where clothing isn’t so much of a survival thing it might be more of a choice. One tends to not care about aesthetic when they are scraping their windshield in 20 below weather. My August to early March uniform is tights, boots, skirt, blouse, cardigan for work and leggings, tunic, boots, cardigan for weekends so maybe it is a thing…?

\Please Don't Take My Man*

All seasons, I like floral scents in the spring, fresh scents for summer (think cotton), spicy for fall and sweet (vanilla) for winter.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

Outside of switching all of the bedding to flannel, not me, maybe if I hosted Thanksgiving I would? I go all out for Halloween and then Christmas, I just never got into the teenie gourd thing. Although, I do have some gal pals who manage to decorate very tastefully for fall, I just don’t have an eye for it.

\Please Don't Take My Man*

I am not totally sure, I have always lived in 4-season climates but have traveled to Texas for the holidays and they seem to go all out but it feels weird. I am unsure if I would be into it as much if I lived in a warm climate, it just doesn’t feel right.

I would love to read your answers to these, I bet there are even differences of opinion just in the states! Side note, I have to go to the Mall of America tomorrow, gag. I don’t experience anxiety about much of anything except for going to MOA. It is just one of those places for me, more on this later.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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Wednesday Reveal – October Nylon

Confession, I think that the Christmas tree is going up this weekend. I don’t why I am just in the holiday spirit and I could really take or leave Thanksgiving. I always thought that Thanksgiving was just a PR stunt, I mean, it is a nice story but does anyone really think that is the way it went down? It is fascinating to me that this random, 3-day feast with no religious overtones has stood the test of time for almost 400 years. The celebration of the harvest always seemed a bit Pagan for the Puritan pilgrims but anyway, I don’t love Thanksgiving. I am that odd person who will randomly make a turkey dinner because I had a craving but that’s about it. If you do turkey dinner in the off-season, the supermarket is never out of sweet potatoes or rolls (pro-tip).

The October Nylon box was another beautifully curated box of quirk. This is a fairly new monthly sub-service, it costs $19.99/month and includes 6 products of beauty, body, accessories, etc. Here are the goods:


Venus in Leo Rosemary Grapefruit Deodarant Balm – Apparently this is from an Etsy shop which is pretty cool that Nylon chose to include them. I am still on the fence when it comes to deodorant paste, I just don’t love the way that it feels. This smells really nice, it isn’t very balm-y, it has grit to it but otherwise nice consistency.


Linne Botanicals Smooth Body Balm – I love the natural them they have going on with this box. This reminds me of a balm that we used on our cows’ udders, I think it was made for people (we used it on people) and it was just a multi-purpose balm for dry/damaged skin. This smells very medicinal, it is formulated with avocado, bees-wax and rosemary. I will test it out when my hands get super dry which will be by the end of this month I imagine.

Milky Dress Bomb Pack – I love getting sheet masks because I don’t tend to seek them out on my own. This is a bubble-pack sheet mask? I am looking forward to trying this!


Neon Beauty Opus Express – This is on of those silicone brush cleansers, I am partial to the regular bristle face brushes but my current one isn’t holding a charge which is super annoying – I do have a Foreo but I just don’t know if these silicone bristles penetrate the pores or not. I decided to test this one out and the bristles feel surprisingly soft in comparison to the Foreo which is my beef with that one – it kind of pulls my skin. This one has 3 settings, it feels very nice and I will keep using it to see if my skin likes it.


Tarte Tarteist Pure Glow in Stunner – Yay, more liquid highlight that I am never going to use. Plot twist, I tried to use it and patched up my foundation – I dotted it on and blended it with my foundation, it was a mess. It is a really lovely champagne shade, maybe I can make it work as a creme shadow topper?


Inked by Dani Hand-Drawn Temporary Tattoos – I don’t know if it is age appropriate for me to wear press on tattoos but I’ll take that unicorn design in a real one 😛


Vinca Chef’s Knife Earrings – I wore these and kept calling them cleavers but apparently, a cleaver is that big rectangular knife and these are just regular kitchen ones. Fine. Also, I wore them as lapel pens as I don’t have ears pierced and they were super cute.


I love this box because of the wide variety of items, you get a little taste of everything. The box value well exceeds the 19.99 subscription fee and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Ladies in Pink

ULTA is sending out coupons for $79.99 off of a Dyson hair dryer and I am like – It’s still a $400 dryer. Who is buying this!? It literally blows air, that’s all it does – how does it cost that much? You could literally purchase one of their vacuums for less money, which is their claim to fame and probably money better spent. I feel like brands are just seeing how far they can push us by releasing all of this crazy, unnecessary shit that nobody would need, ever. It’s really getting out of hand, they probably had to send the coupon on to sell some of the damn things!


L’Oreal was on BOGO not terribly long ago, I picked up a few more tubes of their celebrity inspired lippies. I don’t actually know the back story here, were they just inspired by ladies of Hollywood? Did the actual celebrities help to formulate the shades? Literally no idea and I have tried to find out, I am the Google Master and I cannot find anything specific outside of the ad campaign. Today, I have two pink shades from the line – Blake’s Pink and Julianne’s Pink – I could not find an un-opened tube of Eva’s Pink. Rant, I really wish that people would stop opening drugstore products, it is disgusting. Testers are not available because it is cheap makeup and you can return it if you don’t like it – stop doing it.


Julianne’s Pink is a very light, rose petal pink and is supposed to work for fair skin tones. Again, I thought that this would be a great shade for me but my lips are very pigmented and this one was just a touch sheer. It can be built up, the formula is very creamy and doesn’t settle in my lip lines. No lip liner necessary for a very fresh wash of pink.


Blake’s Pink is exactly the California cool girl pink that we have actually seen her wearing. I love Blake Lively, she is just so gorgeous and seems so gracious (seemingly). I remember her in Gossip Girl and just love everything she has done and watching her start and family and blah, blah, blah. Side note, why are we so obsessed with celebrities? Anyway, this is much more pigmented than Julianne’s and just one layer provides a beautiful pop of bright pink. This shade is definitely a lot more fun, it works with a neutral eye really well as it just dresses up and finishes off a look.


Both of these come in a stunning black case with gold detail – I really don’t think that these feel like drugstore. I bought these for $5.99 each, it looks like they have been discontinued on the site but they are in stock in stores (if you can find an un-opened one). I like them both, this is a fantastic, comfortable formula and very worth it!

Thanks for stopping by ❤