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Oprah’s Favorite Things 2017

Oprah’s Favourite Things List is here and I am so excited! I think that Oprah is the personification of class, it is fascinating to window shop all of the neat gifts that she recommends. I don’t know when she started doing these lists but I have purchased something off each one for a few years now. It has become a lot easier with Amazon stocking all of the items (they just dropped their toy list too). She does a decent job of listing something for each price range but lots of the items are luxury, I don’t need a $105 Adam Lippes cotton top – I will stick with my 5 buck Old Navy staples 😛 But it’s fun to look and who doesn’t love Oprah?

I have to say that I do hate that I prefer shopping online so much more than going to the mall. There is something poignantly traditional about hitting the road and getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season. The decorations and the music, I remember it being a fun event and now it’s just a nightmare – maybe it’s the fact that the population of the world has increased by 4.6 billion in about a 100 years but who can say? (Seriously though – it’s that.) Also, there was that time last year where two women got in a fight over a throw at Home Goods, could be that too…

Anyway, if money weren’t an object (har, har) here is what I would fill my cart with!

Seville Ten-Piece Cookware Set – $399.95 – I have cookware, matching cookware at that but it isn’t super high quality and I would love to have a beautiful cookware set. I like to get all of the pots and pans into the sink and put away before guests arrive but I would totally leave these out, they are gorgeous. They are hammered stainless steel and oven/grill safe.

Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer – $50 – This will probably the item that I purchase this year, seeing as how I spend about 40% of my existence trying to get more caffeine into my body, a portable brewer sounds amazing. It is specifically for cold brew which would make it great for the summertime when I don’t feel like getting up early and brewing hot coffee. The ad campaign is questionable, what are they selling me exactly 😀 That flannel tho’.

Beatriz Ball Tray with Handles – $52 – I love cookware, kitchen gadgets – anything that contributes to my love for cooking and I am overjoyed. These trays are the perfect colours to go with my kitchen decor and would make great serving trays for goodies or a charcuterie board.

Katz’s Three Course Dinner for Four – $125 – This might seem totally random but I have had the pleasure of eating at Katz’s Delicatessen once in my lifetime and it was amazing. I have never had a corned-beef sandwich that good since – or the pickles! This comes with matzo ball soup, pastrami, corned-beef, pickles, rye bread and a choice of babka. It’s become a bit of a tradition to order this meal for New Year’s day in my household. I think that she has had this on her list a couple of times now – thanks, Oprah (and Seinfeld). It is already sold out on Amazon but you can purchase it still from Katz’s site and they offer 2-day shipping nationwide.

Canvas Home Tinwear Mugs – $48 – These are glazed stone-wear mugs, they are just vintage enough to go perfect with my decor and the colours are perfect. I love a good coffee mug.

Burt’s Bees Baby Holiday Family Jammies – price varies – I know that I hated the matching pj’s that we would get for Christmas from grandparents as a kid but I am into it now. I don’t know if I would go full-onesie but they do have cute two piece styles as well and the patterns are very festive.


Lands Downunder Buffalo Check Throw – $128 – Being the throw/pillow junkie that I am, I am drooling over this one. It is a cotton/synthetic blend that is supposed to feel like cashmere. Uh, yes please. The Americana pattern doesn’t go with my decor but it would be great to have on hand for guests.

I like that she includes home-wares, food, beauty, a little fashion, tech gear – she has something for just about everyone.  If you are stumped for a gift for a friend or co-worker, this is great place to start! Lots of items do sell out on Amazon but you don’t necessarily have to purchase from them, I think that she just partners with them to promote the products…? Don’t quote me on that.

Happy gifting – thanks for stopping by ❤

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I Think I Love You Palette Review

The sun came out for 2.3 seconds, I figured that I could get my blog photos for the week taken but alas. Today I have the I Think I Love You Palette from ColourPop, this a 12 pan palette that includes 8 metallic shadows and 4 mattes. This one didn’t seem as popular at their Yes, Please palette but I was drawn to it for the abundance of brown and bronze metallic shadows. Metallic shadows are my favourite to wear, I find them generally easy to work with and I know that this brand does a really nice metallic formula. That being said, I was hesitant to try it because the Yes, Please palette was such a disaster for me. I have tried to use it a few more times with varying degrees of success but definitely not my fav.


This palette is really lovely though, while it is mostly metallics, you get all of the mattes that you need for a transition, outer crease and the black matte shadow can be used under the metallics to deepen their tones. The mattes are smooth, a bit powdery but blend really well and the metallics are pigmented without a ton of fall out. I apply them with just my fingers and a little fixing spray, I wouldn’t recommend a brush unless you are just packing the product on but you will see more fallout. I love the variety of bronzes, browns and golds – there are endless combinations. I think this palette is going to be great for holiday party looks, it is just so sparkly and vibrant. Not to mention, it is a compact little palette that would make a great stocking stuffer. I was Christmas shopping this weekend, I am in the gift-giving mood 😛 The only shade that I could skip is the white matte, I just don’t use these and it seems like this has become a trend in palettes. I see a lot of gurus use them to set their eye primer but that doesn’t do anything for me and I think that these shades are a waste. Other than that, I have used and enjoyed all of the other pans.



This one is fantastic, definitely more what I would expect from the ColourPop brand and very affordable at $16. ColourPop is of course cruelty free and made in the USA!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Sample Saturday – Make Up For Ever Minis

It’s a little known fact, I go hard for hair bands; Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, RATT, Poison, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Aldo Nova, Twisted Sister, Warrant – the perms, spandex, bandanas – I am there. My current playlist list for work is a compilation of the 100 greatest hair band songs (in my opinion) – it’s kind of a problem, I find myself gripped with the desire to start screaming the lyrics to Paradise City. So few people understand the appeal of the hair band, I think it’s a very misunderstood genre. The showmanship, the energy, the talent, I was born in the wrong era, *le sigh* That being said, I hope that everyone thinks I am listening to NPR and never discovers my hair band addiction 😛

For samples today I have a few Make Up For Ever minis, two I received in a recent Play! and I won’t get into them too much and the others are from a 500 Point cash in at Sephora. I hadn’t ever tried the brand up to this point, the products don’t really draw me in – the packing is a tad tacky. For the Play! samples I received the Ultra HD Skin Booster and I am obsessed with this product. It is a serum but provides the perfect base for foundation, I have been using it as my only primer and it is lovely. I just purchased the full-size and cannot rave enough about it. I am a little on the fence with the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – I like it but my sponge soaks up so much product because it is very liquid-y and this stuff applies terribly with a brush. I might try a full-size but not totally sold.


For the 500 Point box, Basic Meets Bold, I received 5 samples:

Step 1 Skin Equalizer – This is a pore filling, mattifying primer that reminds me a lot of Porefessional – it is a tad tinted and feels powdery. Unsure if I will use this, I think it will be too drying. I know that they have a few primers and I might be interested in a more luminizing one.


Ultra HD Loose Powder – This is a translucent setting powder that I am excited to try, I love setting powders and have heard really good things about this one.

Aqua XL Colour Paint – I have also been wanting to try this, I enjoy crème shadows and this is a champagne colour that I will definitely use.


Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara – I used this today and you are supposed to apply to the backs and fronts of your lashes – not crazy about it. I find it really difficult to apply mascara in downward strokes and didn’t think it really added much anyway. The formula is very black and it isn’t flaking.

Artist Rouge Lipstick in Wine – I haven’t tried this yet but it a deep wine red (hence the name) and I like the matte, black case – it doesn’t look tacky.


I think this little set was well worth the 500 points, I get to try a little more of a brand that I have been curious about. Have you used this brand, any recommendations?

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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First Impression Friday – New Hair!

This isn’t a real first impression because I got my hair cut last week but it is still new to me. A little back story, recently my stylist and I parted ways – the same stylist had been cutting my hair for almost 6 years. He worked at one of those spa-lon establishments, I was paying over $100 for a haircut (before tip) and usually not even a haircut, a trim at most. He was promoted to a master stylist in the last couple of years which was great for him but at that point the cost of my services went up and in my opinion, his customer service dipped. I am not a high-maintenance customer, so if I think the service is poor then it probably is. I cancelled my last appointment with him and took a chance on the salon at ULTA, call me crazy. It was a really fantastic experience, the gal who cut my hair had a pixie so I knew I could trust her to not give me a hack job. She was extremely friendly, personable and the service cost about half of what I was paying at the spa-lon! I definitely found my new stylist and will be trying out their other services as they have a whole host of beauty treatments that they provide in the salon. To the cut!

utum oo


utum oo


I am trying to showcase the asymmetrical aspect of the haircut, there’s quite a bit of side bang that can be flipped down to cover my tattoo during the day but my favourite thing to do when I get home is just push it back and off my face. I definitely had a lot more fun with the whole process of the cut this time, when I had it done the first time – it wasn’t a choice and since my hair was so matted it was clipped almost to the scalp which was traumatic. Also, since we all had such terrible scabies – my scalp was disgusting, this is probably TMI 😛 I loved just showing her a pic and watching it come to fruition. I balked a bit when she busted out the clippers but she only used them to trim some stray baby hairs 😀 I did it over the weekend and actually had a little bit of anxiety coming back to work because people were so rude the last time I cut my hair so drastically. I love the question reaction, Oh, you got your haircut. It looks nice? (To which my response should have been, I’d like to see your bitch ass spend 6 months in Africa, Sharon). I still got a couple of those but mostly people have been nice about it, nobody has to say anything but it’s fun that people are into it. What is even more fun is that I went from 45 minutes of blow dry time to my hair air drying while I do my makeup. Then just a little smoothing spray, a little pomade and done.

I like it, which is what is most important but also – it’s 2017, when can I stop covering my tattoos for work?

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Sephora Beauty Insider Event Wishlist


The Beauty Insider Invite is upon us and it looks as though Rouge gets two weekends this time around – or maybe that has always been the case but I am still excited about it! I feel like these sales are times that I purchase things that I would never purchase without a coupon. Of course I have a loves list a mile long but there are a few things that are definitely at the top.

The first and probably most painful item is the AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme – this stuff is amazing. I was skepticAMOREal the first time that I used it because it has a very potent scent and I was certain that it was going to break me out but it hasn’t plus it makes my skin look glowy and smooth. I have been hoarding samples of this every chance that I can get one, I think it’s time to take the leap.

I have to have this fragrance, I am obsessed with the Santal Carmin Perfume by Atelier – it is an interesting, unique fragrance and not like anything that I have smelled before. It is described as sweet, spicy and woody – it is perfect. This is an asinine amount of cash to spend on a perfume but it’s worth it.


These Touch in Sol Metallist Double-Ended Eyeshadows are a higher end version of a Revlon product that I really like but these have doe-foot applicators on both ends making it easier to get the glitter on. The Revlon ones have a dinky little brush and it’s harder to get an even application of glitter. Plus, these are already a steal at $40 for 6 tubes of shadow.


I haven’t gotten over my desire to own a Natasha Denona palette but I have gotten over their price tags. I know, I know – you get so much product and her shadows are made of unicorn horns and fairy dust. Not buying it but also, don’t judge me if I do. Anyway, I can get on board with these Chrome Crystal pots – they remind of some of the tarte pots that I own but more neutral so more appropriate for work.

PMAs much as I would love to own one of the Pat McGrath palettes, I just can’t. They are pieces of art and I wouldn’t want to sully them with my sub-par makeup skills. But I do want a tube of her lipstick, the packaging is glorious. I have my eyes on Full Panic, pretty much describes my life. This is a bright fuchsia, matte shade. It might be a more spring-appropriate shade but I think I could make it work for fall as well.

I think that’s it for the luxury stuff that I refuse to pay full-price for! We will see what I actually walk away with, I like to get some Christmas gifts during this sale too which I more excited for. Anyway, what’s on your list?

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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Wednesday Reveal – Play! The Beauty Remedy Edition

I hate the feeling after a holiday is over of total deflation – after Christmas is the absolute worst even though I do milk the holidays until my birthday. Everything seems so bland and ordinary, I also don’t decorate for the in between time from Halloween to Christmas so my apartment is super dreary looking. Such first world problems, wah-wah.


I was literally just saying that I was hoping that Sephora would release more limited edition, luxury Play! bags and they recently launched the Beauty Remedy Edition, there were two options to choose from, each box included 6 samples from top brands with a mix of makeup and skincare. I received the wrong one and it is funny, Sephora has now altered the description of the contents so that they are the same. Edition II originally listed a YSL makeup item and an AmorePacific skincare item – so I am a little bummed and think it’s shady that they changed the info so that it appears as though they did not send the wrong boxes. Anyway, I still got some pretty good stuff and I love the hard-sided clutch everything came in – this will be fantastic for travel!


Tatcha Silk Cream – This is a really decent-sized sample, I thought it would be similar to a 100 Point Reward but it’s definitely deluxe. I have been sampling some Tatcha products and will gladly give this a whirl. This claims to be a gel-cream, lightweight moisturizer for all skin types. It claims to be good for fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness – it has that lemon-y scent that keeps putting me off purchasing the Water Cream but it isn’t terrible. The full-size (1.7 ounces) retails for $120, which is steep for me.


La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream – I have absolutely no desire to try this brand, I don’t need status symbol skincare. But, my gal pal has been wanting to try it and I promised her this. Also a very good size sample, this comes in a few sizes and costs anywhere from $85-315 – I hope she hates it 😛


Ski – II RNA Eye Cream – This is supposed to be a potent anti-aging eye cream to combat dryness, wrinkles and improve firmness. I am in love with the essence from this brand and am excited to see if this is as good. The full-size (.4 ounces) retails at $135!


Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge Ecstasy Lipcolor in 400 – This is a fire-engine red and I am into it, I have not even swatched it yet because it is so lovely. The full-size retails at $38 which is fairly standard for a luxury lipstick, I am not certain that I have ever tried a makeup item from this brand!


Givenchy Le Rouge Perfect Pink Lip Balm – This is one of my favourite brands and I have been wanting to try this product but $36 seems steep for a lip balm. This claims to plump, moisturize and boost your lip colour. It feels really nice and is very moisturizing, I might need the big one.


Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin Giorgio – This is a gorgeous scent, it is so interesting – I couldn’t stop smelling it after I put it one because I was trying to detect all of the notes. It has some of my favourites though including; sandalwood, vanilla and cedarwood. It only comes in the 3.3 ounce bottle that retails for $250. Why do I try these boxes just to be tempted by things that I cannot purchase with good conscience 😀

These luxury boxes retail for $20 each and honestly, I think that Sephora should offer this as a subscription service. I would definitely pay the up-charge to try a selection of fabulous brands. I think that they should stick to one edition though, it seems like a ton of people received the wrong box. I still loved most of it and will enjoy trying these products out!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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31 Nights of Horror – Halloween

Ah yes, the coupe de grace, the final reckoning, the piece de resistance – John Carpenter’s 1978/81 slasher flicks, Halloween Parts I and II. 6-year-old Michael Myers murders his sister and is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Fifteen years late on Halloween Eve, Michael escapes and makes his way back home to Haddonfield, Illinois to give the locals a Samhain that they will never forget.



Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) drops a key off at the Michael’s childhood home provoking his stalking her for the remainder of the day. She sees him while walking home with her two friends, Annie and Lynda but they convince her that is’t nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Loomis arrives in Haddonfield and alerts the local authorities that there is a maniac in their town and he is out for blood. The police and Loomis patrol Michael’s childhood home but he doesn’t return. Laurie is babysitting Tommy and her friend Annie convinces her to watch another child, Lindsey so that she can leave with her boyfriend. When Annie gets into her car, Michael is there waiting and kills her. Lynda and Bob show up at the Wallace house not knowing that Annie is dead and that Michael is waiting for them. He kills Bob and strangles Lynda while she is on the phone with Laurie. Laurie heads over to investigate and finds her dead friends, she runs back to protect Tommy and Lindsey with Michael in pursuit. The kids get out to alert authorities while Laurie is in a death match with Michael, Loomis finally arrives after running into the fleeing children and shoots Michael several times. Part I ends with Loomis then going to look for Michael’s corpse but not being able to find it.


Part II picks up with Michael still on a rampage and Laurie being admitted to the local hospital. Loomis is still on the hunt for him but Michael sees that Laurie has been taken to the hospital on the news and makes his way there. He cuts all communication and disables any means of escape then proceeds to kill all of the hospital personnel. He gets pretty creative, one doctor gets a needle to the eye, a nurse is exsanguinated, another nurse is steamed to death. Loomis is notified that Michael has broken into a local elementary school and goes to investigate but of course does not find him there. At this point we find out that Laurie is Michael’s sister but this information has been kept confidential. They head to the hospital to thwart Michael, which involves burning the facility to the ground. Laurie does finally escape but we know that Michael isn’t done yet, see the next dozen films in the franchise.



The music, the creepy masked maniac, the atmosphere – these movies are the perfect slasher flicks. I never really understood why these kids in the flower of their youth couldn’t just outrun Michael but his slow, calculated approach does provide quite the build up. But seriously, just run. Also, no, I don’t like the remake – I think it is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting. Rob Zombie, please stay in your lane, which isn’t music either.

And that concludes my 31 Nights of Horror, I hope that these were enjoyable and thanks for stopping by ❤