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Halloween Potluck Recipe

I did not prep a post last night as I was stuffing treat bags, making candied apples and testing out a new crock pot recipe for today’s potluck. Risky, I know – a new recipe for a potluck? Free-halloween-clip-art-ideas-on-halloween-5Don’t worry, I didn’t put my name on it – it’s from the entire department 😛 In all honesty, even the BF enjoyed it last night and he is hard to please. This is not my recipe, it is a Pinterest find but I did make a few tweaks:


*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

*Vampire Kiss*

The changes that I made are increasing the liquids with the addition of the half & half, I think that having all of the noodles submerged in liquid provided a more even cook. I also added Lawry’s instead of salt for a smokier flavour, the nutmeg to sharpen up the flavours from the cheese and the red pepper for a little kick. To make it creamier, I added two more ounces of Velveeta, if you aren’t a fan of cheese food product – you can replace with cream cheese.

463c4cf2b6e09c2dbe1313fac2863902--halloween-clipart-cute-halloweenWhisk all of your liquids together with the spices, set aside. Lay your noodles down in your slow cooker, layer the cubed butter over top of this, followed by all of your cheeses and then your liquid mixture. Give it a good stir, put your cooker on low for about an  hour – come back and give it a another good stir and let it go on low for another hour. I highly recommend fresh grated cheese as you will get more moisture from it, the noodles need a lot of liquid to cook up. If you know that your cooker runs hot, check it a few times or else you are going to get a cheese and noodle mush glob.

Super easy and pretty tasty! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! *cue the Christmas carols*


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31 Nights of Horror – Hellraiser

This movie is absolutely disgusting but definitely a must see for any horror junkie. Clive Barker’s body horror from 1987 brings to life all of my childhood fears of the beings that inhabit the depths of Hell. Frank Cotton purchases a puzzle box knowing that if solved, would open a gate to another dimension filled with unimaginable horrors and carnality. He is a total sleazebag who has exhausted the pleasures of the flesh that are available to him in the mortal realm and is seeking something more. Frank solves the box and dies shortly after in an attic that looks like a drug den.


Cut to the living, Larry (Frank’s brother) is trying to repair his strained marriage with his wife Julia who we find out was having an affair with Frank and is still totally hot for him. Larry’s teen daughter, Kirsty refuses to live with couple and is living on her own. Larry, cuts his hand randomly and lets the blood drip into the same location where Frank was flayed to death unwittingly resurrecting his skinless corpse. Julia finds him and this is where we figure out that Julia is still into him, total gag. Julia then starts to collect men for Frank so that he can use their blood and tissue to fully regenerate. Kirsty comes over to the house unannounced after seeing Julia smuggling men and encounters Frank who tries to attack her but she escapes with the puzzle box in hand. Kirsty ends up in the hospital, unsure of why, probably tripped and fell over nothing but while in the hospital – she solves the puzzle box, opening the gates of Hell and allowing the Cenobites into her hospital room. Enter, Pinhead (total fox) and some other Cenobites of lesser importance who make a deal with Kirsty to not take her back to their realm and subject her to torture if Frank admits to escaping. Upon arriving at the home though, Larry is dead and Frank is wearing his skin like a suit. This leads to Julia getting stabbed and consumed by Frank (how do you miss) and the Cenobites ripping Frank to shreds with chains. Kirsty ultimately sends the Cenobites back to Hell and closes the gateway by solving the puzzle in reverse.



Pretty much every other film in the franchise is literally the worst but this one holds its own for being absolutely terrifying. Total gross-out body horror, and some of the most nightmarish villains but absolutely worth a watch. Fun story, after having watched this at way too young of an age, I comforted people by repeating this epic quote, No tears please – it is a waste of good suffering. Needless to say, nobody found this comforting in the least 😀

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Best of October

I don’t usually go all out for Christmas décor but for some reason I just want my apartment to look like holiday vomit this year. I want trees in the bathrooms, tinsel, that spray can snow on the windows. Do they still make that? I am going all out this year, I’m going tacky, cookie cutter kitsch 😛 The BF just vetoed the trees in the bathrooms, honestly.

I only have a handful of favourites this month, I have been using so many of the same products that I talk about all of the time so I will spare you. First, we have the Fit Me foundation and powder, this duo is awesome and provides such a flawless base with very little effort. The foundation is gorgeous, it makes my skin look amazing and the powder is perfect for locking everything into place.


Of course I have my favourite fall blusher on repeat, Dallas is the perfect dusty rose with a touch of bronze that warms up the complexion. This shade is also versatile, I wear it with warm and cool toned eye looks.


I received this L’Ange Detangling Conditioning Spray in a subbox and I am obsessed, it smells summery and tropical and tames all of my frizzies. It provides tons of moisture without being super greasy.


This PUR palette is a fairly recent pick-up but I have been using it non-stop since I purchased it. This is a collab palette with Etienne Ortega and it is perfect. This is literally the worst picture in existence but I will review and post swatches with better pics. This palette has such an interesting range of colours, I like that not only does it have a matte black but it also has a shimmery black – it makes it easy to lay down black shadow and then pack the glitter over it without making a mess. The consistency of these shadows makes them really easy to work with, they are a tad stiffer but so pigmented. More on this one soon.


And my last favourite of the month is this mug that I picked up on Etsy – how neat is this decal? It’s like a zombie Starbucks mer-woman or whatever that thing is.


The seller offers a couple of colour combos and I think I need another one for work.

Another month at an end, what did you love in October?

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31 Nights of Horror – The Hitcher

This movie is relentless and kinda’ hard to watch as it just goes on and on with no end in sight. Jim Halsey is on a cross-country trek to San Diego when he picks up a hitchhiker in a torrential downpour. The hitcher, John Ryder, isn’t the friendliest guy and starts to say odd things and claims that he killed the driver of an abandoned car that they pass. Jim starts to worry that he has made a mistake and takes the opportunity to shove John out of the car. It seems as though Jim has dodged a bullet but he is soon overtaken by a car with a family in it and sees Ryder in the back of their car. Jim tries to warn the family but wrecks his car and drives off the road. Further down the stretch of road, he encounters the family’s car that is soaked in blood and it seems as though Ryder has killed them as well. Jim then encounters Ryder at a truck stop, he tries to corner him but Ryder leaves after setting fire to a gas pump.

hitcher rain

At this point though, Jim finally decides to contact the police and pulls into a roadside diner. He tells the police what has happened but they suspect that Jim is actually the perpetrator since Ryder has remained elusive and they found his knife in Jim’s pocket. Jim panics and takes the two responding police officers hostage and just when they convince him to surrender, Ryder shows up and kills them. This turn of events leads to more car chases, narrow escapes and all the while, Jim is becoming a wanted man.



Nash, the waitress from the diner is the only who believe Jim and helps him flee the police and try to stop Ryder. Finally, Ryder is apprehended by the police and Jim’s name is cleared. It doesn’t stop there though, Jim doesn’t trust the police to keep Ryder in custody and he tracks them down to kill Ryder.

It’s a gruesome, gritty, action-packed ride and one can’t help but feel exalted when Ryder is finally killed. Rutger Hauer plays the role of Ryder with stone-cold, sadism and it’s nuts. Definitely a classic!

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Some October Empties!

Hands up if you binge-watched Stranger Things this weekend! Unpopular opinion, I am not a fan of El – I think that story line could have been written out, not sorry about it 😀 All of the rest of the kids are awesome, those haircuts – that’s art and the soundtrack is really fantastic. I don’t have a ton of empties, I feel like I say that every month but let’s get to it anyway!


Milani Make it Last Setting Spray – This is a great fixing spray, it is affordable, smells good and does prolong the wear of my makeup. That being said, it feels like hair spray on my face – the second ingredient is alcohol which is why it is so great at setting makeup but I did find it a bit drying for my skin. I would recommend for oily skin but this won’t be a repurchase for me.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution – This is my go to toner for the evening, it keeps my skin incredibly smooth and glycolic acid is great for reducing texture which I always seem to struggle with. Again, super affordable, effective and I already repurchased!

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer – I love this stuff, it smells so good and makes my hair shiny and soft. I did need a lot of product when my hair was longer, I would go through a bottle a month so I would buy in bulk when it was on sale – I have like 6 back ups.


I am working hard to reduce my samples stash and didn’t do too bad – Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash – this is a really lovely face wash but nothing that I would spend 30 bucks on. I am not one to spend a ton of money on face wash because it just goes down the drain, I just need a mild wash that gets my skin clean but this was nice.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye – This is my favourite eye cream and I have a full-size on hand. I think this is probably the only eye cream that I have used that actually does something for the dryness and puffiness that I experience around my eyes. I don’t love the scent around my eyes but it dissipates fairly quickly once absorbed.

Avene Cleanance Mattifying Toner – I liked how this made my skin feel but the texture was really gross, it was like watered down milk and I couldn’t get over that. I am curious about the products in this line, they are dedicated to sensitive skin but this toner is a pass.

The only reason that I am including a stick of deodorant is so that I can report my miserable failure with switching to natural deodorant. I still haven’t found one that doesn’t feel like I am coating my underarms in Vaseline. Gag.


Reflexology Foot Massage – This stuff is fabulous and will always be a repurchase. It makes my feet so soft and fresh.

Pixi Skintreats Peel & Polish – This is one of the best enzyme peels that I have ever tried, I use it twice a week and it takes care of dry, flaky skin and keeps my complexion bright. Everyone must love it because it is always out of stock at Target, I haven’t been able to replace yet.

Tatcha Water Cream –  This is my third sample of this cream, I just cannot commit to it. It is nice, it wears really well under makeup but there is just something about it that I don’t love – I think it is the fragrance. I have another deluxe sample to use and then I am going to make the decision to purchase a jar or not.

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31 Nights of Horror – Gerald’s Game

When I saw that Netflix was dramatizing one of my favourite, if lesser know, Stephen King thrillers – I knew that I had to see it. Jessie and Gerald are headed to a secluded cabin in the woods to rekindle their love life. Gerald is an obnoxious, successful lawyer and Jessie is a mild-mannered housewife. The couple encounter a stray dog on their arrival at the cabin, Jessie feeds him a couple of steaks and then they retire to the cabin. King, again, expertly utilizes the seclusion of the setting to build suspense and foreboding before anything really happens. While Jessie and Gerald are getting romantic in the bedroom, Gerald cuffs her to the bed which starts out as seemingly enjoyable until Gerald takes it to another level and starts to enact a repulsive, sexual fantasy. Jessie gets upset and tells him to stop, now this is where the movie deviated from the book – in the book Jessie knees him, he falls off the bed and he cracks his head on the floor then has a heart attack but in the movie – Gerald has a heart attack, then falls off the bed and cracks his head. The book definitely makes it harder to sympathize with Jessie as she is ultimately responsible for his death. Anyway, so with one of only two main characters killed off within the first 20 minutes – this is going to be a long slog, wrong. Jessie is visited by not only imaginary versions of herself but also of Gerald. We find out a lot of ugly details about their marriage from the two bickering, it becomes clear that Gerald thinks Jessie is just a pretty idiot and she isn’t getting out of this alive. Remember that dog? Oh yea, he starts feasting on Gerald’s corpse and there isn’t a thing that Jessie can do about it. We also come to find out different details around Jessie’s upbringing and how her father abused her at the height of solar eclipse. She promised her father that she would never tell and it is something that she has lived with her entire life.



Not only is Jessie visited by the ghost of Gerald and another version of herself, there is a hulking, disfigured man who appears at night (Moonlight Man). We don’t know for sure if he is real or fake, we assume fake because he doesn’t ever hurt Jessie nor does he try to help her. Jessie tries numerous ways to escape but finally slices her wrist on a glass and basically skins part of her hand squeezing it through one of the cuffs. This part is brutal, fair-warning. She takes the car and makes it to a neighboring cabin to safety.


The next time that we see Jessie, she is working with children who experienced the same abuse that she had in her youth. She is also doing research about a man named Raymond Andrew Joubert who was defiling corpses in the area where Jessie and Gerald were on their tragic getaway weekend. He has genetic disease that causes him to have larger features than a regular human being, making him appear quite grotesque. Jessie confronts him at a court appearance and realizes that the Moonlight Man was real and she can finally put this fear to rest.


I thought this movie (and book) was as sad as it is scary, the sacrifices that Jessie made during her lifetime only to have it end with her husband dying as a result of a weird sex game. I don’t get the eclipse thing, King uses this a couple of times in other books but it just doesn’t add anything for me – weird shit can happen during an eclipse but also at any other time. I enjoyed this adaptation and thought it did justice to a great book.

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Sample Saturday – Kat Von D Beauty

This is a brand that one would assume that I would be into, the artistry, the stunning hues, Kat Von D being a complete goddess – but I am not that into this brand. I have tried quite a few items and just never felt the need to make any of them permanent additions to my routine. Today I have two of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick minis, this product claims to apply like a gloss and dry down to a matte finish, provides 24 hour wear, comes in 44 shades and retails at $20 each. The entire line is cruelty-free and I believe vegan but don’t quote me on that, the vegan thing is tricky to navigate, in my opinion. I have the shades Nosferatu and K-Dub, I love the matte black caps with silver detailing and the slim-line applicator makes these super easy to apply. I would agree that these apply like a lip gloss but if you colour outside of the lines – it will act just like a liquid lip so I couldn’t be too careless.


K-Dub is a magenta pink that is very vibrant, this shade applied like a dream – it was totally opaque with just one wand dip. You aren’t supposed to smack your lips after applying this formula but it set fairly quickly and dried down to a powdery, matte finish. It didn’t look powdery but when I pressed my lips together, it felt like I had powdered them but it a very comfortable formula for about the first 4 hours. My lips started to feel dry and tight around lunch time which is also when I needed to touch up, the 24 hour wear claim is less than accurate. This products does come off with food and drink but was easy enough to touch up.



Nosferatu is crimson red with seemingly a gold, metallic shift – it catches the light in a way that transforms the colour a bit. This shade did not apply as well as K-Dub, it took a few swipes to get an even application but it also dries really fast so it was flaking while I was adding layers. This one also broke up more over the course of the day and didn’t fade as gracefully as the other lippie, it was just flaking off and cracking – I am attributing this to the metallic shift that this one has. It looks great on first application but the dry down was a bit of a mess and definitely made my lips feel dryer. This one was definitely not my fav and I would probably skip the darker shades in the range based off of its performance.


One hit and one miss, definitely not replacing any liquid lippies in my collection with this formula any time soon but I would try more given the opportunity.

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