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31 Nights of Horror – Fright Night

This classic 1985 vampire thriller is about Charley Brewster, a typical teenager who is certain that his new neighbor is a vampire and responsible for the deaths of at least three young women after seeing him and another man hauling a coffin through their back yard. Charley tries to tell his mom and the police what happened but they assume that he is nuts and even confront Jerry (vampire neighbor) and his roommate Billy which leads the authorities to even further disbelieve Charley’s story. Charley, out of desperation seeks out a former vampire hunter and star of Fright Night, one of his favourite televisions shows but is ultimately rebuffed when not even Peter Vincent believes him. Charley decides that he has to kill Jerry on his own but his girlfriend, Amy and zany friend Evil convince him that this would be murder and they also appeal to Peter Vincent for help. Side note, how does the dweeb sidekick have a better name than the vampire? Anyway, Peter refuses to help until Amy offers to pay him and he then agrees to prove that Jerry is not a vampire. The trio and former vampire hunter confront Jerry and put him through the typical vampire detecting tests including drinking holy water and touching a cross – both which he passes but Peter leaves the house suddenly convinced that Jerry is a real vampire.



Jerry attacks Charley later the evening and changes into his vampire self, this might be the only movie with vampires where the vampires are absolutely hideous. Charley impales his hand with a pencil and Jerry flees. While he doesn’t succeed in vanquishing Charlie, he does turn both Evil and Amy into vampires. Peter Vincent finally decides to assist Charley, Evil is killed and Amy is released from the spell when Jerry is finally defeated.


This is definitely one of my favourite vampire flicks, it is so quintessentially 80’s and the cast is a lot of fun. It isn’t overly stylized for a vampire movie and the soundtrack is awesome.

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Friday Funday – Halloween Home Decor

Totally random (and late) post coming at you today – I had the day off and it is snowing!! Talk about perfect timing, now everyone can get their snow driving legs on without me dealing with them in rush hour. I have been out since about 7, tying up loose ends for Halloween, got my hair done – I ruined the style though cramming it into my snow hat, so now I look like Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek, it’s a look.


I shared with you guys my work decorations and thought I’d give you a peek of my home décor. Honestly, not that much this year – I really went HAM at work, I guess. Wandering around Hobby Lobby with the snow coming down and all of the Christmas décor almost put me in the mood to put my tree out and Halloween isn’t even done yet. Sad face.


The mantle, the burlap trick or treat was way longer than I thought it would be. My cats love knocking down the poor, felted pumpkin king and beating him up.

This little guy hangs on the outside of the door so that kids know we are handing out treats.


Also in the hall and finally, the treats I am passing out this year:


What are your Halloween plans? Are you ready for Christmas yet?

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31 Nights of Horror – Grimm

This series is probably my ultimate guilty pleasure, I admit that it is ultra-cheesy but I still love it. Detective Nick Burkhart finds out that he is descended from a long line of grimms and that all those fairy tales were real. His ancestors fought to eradicate wesen ie, the big bad wolf, the three bears, dragons, ogres. He teams up with Monroe, who is also a blutbad (big bad wolf) to keep the wesen of Portland at bay and is able to solve cases that would otherwise go unsolved because he can see the creatures for what they really are. I enjoy the modern day, retelling of some old fairy tales and the cast is pretty great. My favourite episodes would have to be:

Pilot – This is the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the first time that we get to meet Nick’s aunt Marie and the first time that we meet Monroe. Nick and his partner Hank are investigating some pretty grisly murders, Nick is starting to see the wesen for the first time and his new found abilities help him track the killer to an eerie little cabin in the woods.


Season 1 Ep. 4 Lonelyhearts – Nick and Hank are investigating the death of a woman who spent her last moments alive in a fairy tale-esque garden at The Bramble House, a B&B run by a total nerdlinger. We find out that he is a Ziegevolk and has an uncanny ability to manipulate people to do his bidding. They catch him but only after he gets hit by a bus.


Season 1 Ep. 8 Game Ogre – An ex-con released on parole has started murdering the people who put him there – Hank is next on his list. The ex-con turns out to be an ogre and basically unstoppable. While Nick is in the hospital, he enlists the help of Monroe to take the ogre down with the help of a triple barrel rifle and a special potion from his Aunt’s possessions. This one was actually pretty graphic and a little scary, a real life ogre would be terrifying to encounter.


Season 2 – Ep. 2 The Kiss -Juliette, Nick’s girlfriend is in a mysterious coma after treating the cat of a woman who we know to basically be a witch. Captain Renard is given a potion to help wake Juliette but when he does, instead of remembering Nick – she falls in lust with Renard which leads to some sessions with a psychic and lots more potion drinking.


Overall, it is a fun watch but it goes a little off the rails at the tail end of season three – Juliette turns into a wesen after she drinks a potion and finally remembers who Nick is after her coma. Nick travels to Vienna, Renard turns out to be part of a Royal Family that has a lot of power in the wesen community, the witch gets pregnant – it’s a whole thing. I would recommend the early seasons though!

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Fall Fashion Haul: Part I

I am doing a Christmas list for a local shelter, they list out a bunch of stuff that they would like to give to kids at the shelter and I collect the items and deliver them. Blah, blah, blah. One of the items listed was Shopkins which, not having little kids in my life regularly, I had no idea what that was. I did some research and they are these little, figurine things that I still don’t totally get anyway, while I was doing my research I read many a review. In one review, the package was supposed to contain 30 pieces but there were only 27 and the purchaser’s daughter was not happy and cried. See, this is why I could never have kids – I would have dumped them all in the garbage disposal. That kid opened up 27, twenty-seven little packets and cried over missing 3?! Maybe it just especially pissed me off because I was purchasing the item for a child who doesn’t even have a place to sleep and this kid was losing it over 3 Shopkins? Sometimes, I just don’t know. Legit though, what does one do with these little things – are they just collectibles? Let me know.

I hate taking photos of clothing – it is so floppy and uncooperative so I gave up, hence why this is only Part I 😀 The first place that I stopped was Old Navy because I had some serious Super Cash to spend. I know most of their stuff is fast-fashion, I still purchase a lot of basics there because they tend to last me a few seasons and their sizing is surprisingly consistent. Something to know about my style, plain 🙂

I picked out a couple of crew necks that are just long enough to be worn with leggings but can also be tucked into a skirt. I chose a grey, black and navy but I also decided to go with these two in magenta and orange! What do you think – is the orange too much? These are really soft and thin enough to be layered up but I’ll mostly wear them with cardigans.


Next, more shirts – some basic v-necks in a forest green, burgundy, mustard and basic stripes. Same deal here, super soft and easy to layer up.


I don’t generally purchase pants or skirts at Old Navy but I found some pretty cute, basic pencil skirts and since they are my weakness and on sale, I had to have them. These two blobs of cloth are actually sweater knit skirts. They are lined and the material is soft but plush, these are going to be awesome for those 20 below days.


Finally, I chose two jersey knit, striped skirts that are a tad thinner but will do with tights and tall boots.


That’s all the patience that I had for today and taking pics of clothes – thanks for stopping by ❤

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31 Nights of Horror – Sleepy Hollow

Confession, I had never watched this movie until just this last weekend and wasn’t going to include it on the list. Unpopular opinion, I am not a fan of Johnny Depp. I don’t know why, he seems like a good actor but I’d watch pretty much any other actor in a movie over him, including Jake Gylenhaall. Yikes. That being said, this movie was all around enjoyable and definitely a new fav! It’s your traditional Ichabod Crane tale but with a bit of twist, in this film Crane is a police constable who is sent to investigate several slayings in Sleepy Hollow where the victims had been beheaded. Depp plays the role just as he does any other, quirky but it works.


On arriving in Sleepy Hollow, he is regaled with tales of a Hessian mercenary (Christopher Walken) who was known for his tactics on the battlefield and brutally beheading members of the opposing forces during the American Revolution. sleepy_hollow_katrina_riding_cape_4693 He was unstoppable on the battlefield until the day he was taken down by several soldiers and poetically decapitated. The townspeople believe that he has risen from the grave to wreak havoc on them. Being a man of science, Crane is skeptical and sets out to find out who the Headless Horseman really is and why he is beheading the local townsfolk. Turns out that the Hessian really has returned from the grave and is decapitating people but only at the behest of one of the villagers. Crane unravels a sordid tale of an age old revenge plot that results in pretty much the entire town being decapitated but eventually solves the case and heads home to New York.



I thought that this movie was really well cast, aside from Christina Ricci and those bleached eyebrows – not her best role but it was a look. The costumes were fantastic and the atmosphere was perfectly eerie for this Legend of Sleepy Hollow revival.

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Wednesday Reveal – October Sephora Play!

I was super excited when I saw what I was receiving in my Play! I thought it was a gamble for the featured product to be a foundation, especially from a brand that offers over 40 shades. I have been curious about Makeup Forever foundations for a while and they actually sent a shade that was a good match! I liked that the box was so complexion focused and not just a hodge-podge of products – I felt that it represented the theme of Public Display of Complexion perfectly. Here is what came in my bag!


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation in Ivory – I have to say that this little sample has a better pump than some of my full-size foundations. The coverage is listed as medium which I agree with but it was on the sheer side for me, it can be built up but I am not a fan of having to build coverage because I am not very good at it. It was very lightweight and felt and acted more like a tinted moisturizer that improves the over all appearance of the skin rather than a foundation. That being said, it was nice and it wore well over the day but I would not spend $43 on a tinted moisturizer. If you don’t need a lot of coverage or don’t like the feel of heavier foundations, this might be great for you but it is pricey for what it is.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Skin Booster – I have been wanting to try this product for ages but didn’t really know what it was supposed to do, thought it was expensive and there aren’t a lot of reviews to go by on the website. This is similar to a serum primer that brightens and plumps the skin and it is amazing. I would absolutely buy a full size of this even if it is ridiculously expensive at $41/.4 ounce. I don’t know how it works but my skin looks even smoother than it would with a pore-filling product, it doesn’t make my skin feel too matte and it definitely helps foundation apply flawlessly. I need this in my collection and could see it replacing a few other primers.


BECCA First Light Filter Face Primer – I have used the Backlight Face Primer from this brand before and hated it but am hoping that this one will be better. I don’t know how a lavender product is going to show up on my skin but I will give it a whirl – the full size retails at $38/1 ounce.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder  – It seems like this is everyone’s holy grail setting powder, I have not cracked it open yet as I have two setting powders open at the moment but am excited to try it. The sample size is so stinking cute too. This retails at $38/ounce.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight – I love the concept of liquid highlight that can be mixed with foundation but I never remember to use it. I have at least 3 teenie tubes of liquid highlight and haven’t used a single one. The full size retails at $42/.5 ounce.

Gabrielle by Chanel – We all know that this is my favourite fragrance at the moment and I love that I have something to toss in my bag, I wish they would release a roller ball!

That is it, I thought that the products were great this month. I am pleased that I got to test out products from Makeup Forever and definitely found a new favourite skin prep! What did you get in your bag?

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31 Nights of Horror – Phantasm

I won’t lie, this movie is a little light on plot but it is still a classic in my book – if only for that creepy, organ music riff.  Jody and Mike are two brothers who recently lost their parents, they live in a small town that has recently been plagued by a rash of unexplained deaths. They become suspicious of a local mortician (the Tall Man) who is totally creepy but might be up to more sinister things than just looking like a weirdo. While chilling in the graveyard, Mike witnesses him stuffing a coffin into the back of his hearse and peeling out. He relays this to Jody who is skeptical but does also start to wonder if he isn’t behind some of the mysterious deaths. Mike then goes to meet with a psychic, he tells her of his worries she and convinces Mike that the enemy is nothing more than fear itself.



Later, Jody is on a date with a woman who we saw at the beginning of the film in the graveyard and Mike has followed them there. Mike is attacked by a creepy dwarf in a robe, he takes off running and when Jody catches up to him – he tells him what he saw. After he sends Mike home, Jody returns to his date who has disappeared. Jody and Mike are joined by a local ice cream man, Reggie in investigating the bizarre events. The trio ends up in the funeral home’s mausoleum and discover mysterious barrels, they also discover a gateway to another world. Mike enters the gateway and sees hundreds of the same dwarfs that had chased him in the woods. Mike realizes that they must be townspeople who have been shrunk down and used as slaves, The Tall Man’s Minions (I told you the plot wasn’t great). In the end, we see Reggie get stabbed by the same blonde lady who was on a date with Jody and who killed a man in the beginning. When I first watched this with the BF, he was confused as to why the lovely lady suddenly morphed into the Tall Man and I was like, Duh – it’s the phantasm 😛 Mike and Jody concoct a plan where they trap him in an abandoned mine shaft. Cut to present day, Mike is sitting next to Reggie who is telling him that he was just having a nightmare and we find out that Jody died in a car crash. Mike is convinced that the mine shaft will not hold the Tall Man and when he returns to his room is grabbed and pulled through to an alternate universe by a dwarf.



You just have to see it, the effects are cheese-tacular and it mostly doesn’t make sense but it wouldn’t be Halloween without the Tall Man – what a creep.

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