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    June Wish List

    I am trying to watch the television adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale and of course the shock value and sex has been upped but excluding that, I am still not really into it. I am that annoying person who watches these adaptations and points out all of the things that either didn’t happen in the book or got left out 😛 Does anyone else notice that Volvo is the car of choice in loads of these dystopian, end of civilization stories? I don’t know if that is product placement or if they are just really good cars and are slated to last through the end of civilization. Does anyone else wonder these…

  • Makeup

    A 90’s Beauty Revival

    Today I am digging deep into the beauty archives and am going to take everyone on a trip to my past, my adolescence; Stella’s Teenage Life – Only Slightly Less Awkward Than Her 30’s (and hell, the rest of her life). Actually, I am just tossing old makeup as my UD Naked palette has finally turned on me – I won’t tell you how long I have had it because you’d un-follow me (I would un-follow me) but pretty sure that I snagged it on its first release. There isn’t really anything wrong with it, I didn’t get pink eye or anything (yea, that is my benchmark people) – the shadows just aren’t as…

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    Wednesday Reveal – January Sephora Play!

    I love fresh snow – it snowed today and everything looks all crisp and pure again, it was getting real ugly around here. I also love it when I order stuff online and then forget that I bought it and am not obsessively tracking it and when it arrives it is a surprise! Like a little gift from my past self to my current self 😛 I was on the wait list for Sephora Play! for a hot minute and received my first bag today. I wasn’t totally sold on subscribing for this one, reviews are all over the place but it is only $10 bucks a month and you…

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    Early Birthday Treats

    Yay! Kicking the new year off with 2 days of migraines. This post will be short and sweet (mostly pictures) but I cannot believe that I received two items from the peach collection. I’ve gotta’ start dropping hints more often 😜 I’ll do a review with swatches soon! I don’t like a fuss so this is a total surprise. Thanks for stopping by 💗

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    Starlight, Star Bright

    The forecast today includes 2-4 inches of snow and a glaze of ice, just a glaze. What does that even mean and why is the weather channel using words that illicit a positive response to describe such unpleasant things? Translation: 2-4 inches of snow and it will be icy as fuck, please don’t drive like morons. Isn’t that more clear?! Eek! The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and my favourite part of the holiday season – toy drives! I don’t have little kids to buy for and this is the only time of year that this actually makes me sad as I love toy shopping,…

  • Sephora

    VIB Sale Pick-Ups

    Eek! The Crown premiered last night as an original series and I am hooked – the costumes are gorgeous. I think they might even put Downton Abbey to shame, a tall order. Plus the cast, I am in love. Netflix is really upping their original series game and as someone who does not have cable (because it is outrageous) I can definitely appreciate this! In other news, obviously Election Day is (almost) upon us and I just have to say that it makes me smile to see all of the folks turning up here at City Hall to get their votes in. Regardless of who you are voting for or…

  • Product Reviews

    Sparkle & Shine

    I just read the 20 Most Inappropriate Costumes for Kids and aside from some grossly offensive ones, I am totally cracking up! I think this is a clear sign (as if I needed one) that I should never have children. I mean, I was handing out homemade popcorn balls up until about 2 years ago when a suburban mom almost slapped one out of my hand. I honestly had no idea that there were people who put dangerous items in candies and that homemade goodies were blacklisted! Who are these people?! I would be one pissed off little kid, some of the best treats we received on Halloween were homemade…

  • Makeup

    The Little Palettes

    I am reading this article and I just cannot help but laugh maniacally. I imagine that he is one of those men who think that women cannot resist his magnetic, sexual prowess (that he doesn’t have) and panties will just drop upon his arrival, that we have zero control over our hormones. That all women’s bad moods can be chalked up to them being on the rag and they just need to be taken in hand. That women need a man to think for them and tell them how or what to think. He obviously somehow missed the entire decade from 1955 – 1965. I think he is despicable and…

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    Phaser to Flawless – Top 4 Concealers

    I did not stick to my goal of less macaroni & cheese last week but happy to report that I have not had any this week! During this time of year I could probably survive on mac & cheese and naps. I love naps, I relish naps – to me they are an event. More naps, less carbs, makes total sense 😛 Also, totally off topic – major kudos to MOA announcing that they will be closed on Thanksgiving. This is major and I hope that other retailers follow suit. Yes, I know that there is some financial gain to them as well but I hope this sets a precedent…

  • Skin Care

    Cruel to be Kind

    Before I jump into this review, I just wanted to say  I know that Clinique is not cruelty free and I won’t be repurchasing these 2 items after I have finished them. I strongly support brands that are cruelty free and having volunteered with shelter animals for years now, I am striving to move to all cruelty free brands. Don’t get me wrong, I own a lot of cosmetics that are not cruelty free and this is a more recent effort on my part. That being said, it really irks me that brands who are well-known for being cruelty free are owned by larger brands that aren’t. To me it…