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    Dear Diary: The First Snow

    We got our first snow in the Twin Cities last night, well actually it snowed a few days ago as well but didn’t accumulate so I’m not counting it. I love the snow, not as much as when I was a kid and didn’t have to drive in it or shovel it but I still love it. A blanket of fresh snow makes the world look so crisp and sparkly, it’s like instant Christmas. Now I know we have some time before it’s acceptable to crack out the Christmas decor but I am looking forward to so much this winter. Admittedly, I’m a menace on the ice but I like…

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    Dear Diary: Solitude

    It’s November and I have serious beard envy, if I was a male with the ability to grow a beard then I would absolutely do it. Lamenting my beardless woes to my co-worker and she responds; we could do no-shave November. And we could but gross but then also who’s going to see it because I’m single and alone and nobody cares if I shave any part of my body which brings me to today’s topic – being single at 31. AaaaAlllLLL byyyyyy myyySeeelllLffff 😛 Being single and middle-aged (close enough anyway) doesn’t bother me but people in my life have a keen interest in my newfound solitude and suddenly,…

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    Potlucks & Eating Disorders: Some Food for Thought

    It’s potluck season, we’ve actually had two at work in the last month and as someone who has a bit of an awkward relationship with food, this season can be straight misery. On the outside, the expectation is to be excited about the season of indulging, sharing favorite recipes, exchanging dishes and I enthusiastically play the part. I even share my recipes on here from time to time for others to enjoy. On the inside though it’s more like; fuuuuuccccckkkkkk. Having an eating disorder is something one really keeps to themselves which can be a predicament when partaking in any event that involves food. It’s a curious thing – roughly…

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    Wednesday Wisdom – Rushing Time

    Do you know what peeves me off? Time, just in general, I find it very irritating. Time doesn’t actually exist, it’s only 6:30 pm in Minnesota because we all have this understanding and choose to participate in this human contrived notion of time. And then on top of all of this time shit, we have all of these deadlines which is like time within time – time squared. We manage our time to the point that we don’t have any. It’s nuts, it drives me crazy, I’d like to get off the ride now. I just want to get up when the sun comes up, go to work, get as…

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    Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons to Love America

    I tend to feel more patriotic on the anniversary of 9/11 than I do on the Fourth of July. I think it’s because while I know that the American Revolution occurred it doesn’t feel as tangible to me as the 9/11 attacks. I think it’s a fatal flaw of the shortsightedness of human beings, we can be very knowledgeable of what happened 50, 100, 150 years ago but the impact of these events seemingly fade with time. The events that are happening now are a very real example of its citizens either forgetting the mistakes of the past or choosing to ignore them. That aside, it’s still a pretty great…

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    Beauty Insider Appreciation Event – What Did I End up With?

    I know that not everyone finds haul posts very interesting, I have tried everything at least once so I will give a mini review as well but will definitely revisit these products at a later date with more info. Did I stick to my list? Yes and no, I did skip on some things and chose a few based on guru recommendations, here’s what I came home with! Most of my purchases were skincare, these kinds of sales are a great opportunity to snag some products that never go on sale. I chose two products from belif because I hadn’t tried the brand before and their products are rumored to…

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    Top Ten Tuesday – Falling for Fall

    I tried, I honestly tried to embrace summer this year and not spend every hot, humid, miserable waking hour complaining about how much I hate summer and Minnesota and WASPS in over-sized SUV’s but I couldn’t it. I couldn’t do it because I hate summer, the hatred runs deep – the frizzy hair, the boob sweat, the electric bill that’s become as much as a car payment because of the glorious forced air. I can’t do it anymore, I am counting the days until fall and daydreaming of my favorite fall’ish things. No lie, I stocked up on candles weeks ago and haven’t been able to light a single one…

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    Top Ten Tuesday – 2018 Beauty Trends

    Often times while perusing online magazines, I am shocked at how un-trendy I am (not really that shocked) for not jumping on any of these amazing trends but also relieved that I didn’t even know that they existed 😀 Still, now that I know of their existence, I am compelled to share my thoughts on some of the most questionable. Was this really a thing? In theory, it probably could look very beautiful but on my skintone it would just make me look sick. Also though, think of all of the yellow eye-shadows that I have and don’t use that I could use up. I did know that this was…

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    Let me build this bed frame real quick, she said. It won’t take that long, she naively assumed. Two and a half hours later and I am actually feeling pretty good about it but it took for-ever. Anyway, I know that it won’t be Wednesday for much longer but I recently picked up The Beautiful Truth by Mark Anthony (not Marc Anthony) after seeing various quotes all over social media. It’s a lovely piece of literature <3 If you don’t know Mark Anthony, enjoy: